Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake...Slow Cooking Away!!!

I love trying new things.
In books, clothes, recipes, trends.
Off with the old on with the new!!!
That is my motto.
We rarely have the same dinner more than once in any given month.
Except for pasta.
Remember...I am half Italian.
This is in my slow cooker right now.
It's cake!!!
Can you freaking believe it?
Chocolate gooey cake.
It's what's for dinner tonight.
I found it on a blog called Cheeky Kitchen.  I linked to it for you.
We are now the opposite of Sunday dinner people.
No cooking on Sunday in this house!!!
Hurray for undinners!!!
We had waffles...whole grain and homemade...for breakfast and they were amazing. 
That was a first time recipe, too, but I will make those again and again and again.
We are either going to get amazing one called a BOBBY...from a local sandwich place near us...a BOBBY has cranberry sauce and real roasted turkey and stuffing on it...on the best sort of hoagie bun ever...
Pickles and chips complete the dinner.
If we don't do that we will just eat cake.
Or a nitrate free organic hot dog...yum...
And cake...have I mentioned the slow cooker cake?
Right now our entire house smells sort of chocolately.
The directions for the cake say to scoop it in a bowl with ice cream.
There is vanilla gelato in our freezer...waiting for the slowly cooking slow cooker cake!!!

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Chocolate cake in the slow cooker? Let us know how it turned out.

  2. You have the tastiest meals! Don't forget to send me a care package with a really good sandwich and this chocolate cake. I'll add my own ice cream! LOL...

  3. Yummy! I love the idea of the slow cooker chocolate cake...time for me to replace the slow cooker I lost in the divorce (more than twenty years ago!).

    Those BOBBY sandwiches sound like what we love to do with leftover Thanksgiving turkey...from the turkey down to the cranberry sauce. I'm hungry now! Thanks....

  4. Yummy. I made pineapple upside down cake in my slow cooker a couple of weeks ago and it was yummy. I'll have to try the chocolate cake soon.

  5. Oh my god! That must be a slice of heaven! It looks so luscious :)

  6. Oh yum!!

    I'm sharing that Garland Pillow tutorial today, I hope you stop by!!

    :) Maureen

  7. I've never tried a slow-cooker cake. Was it delicious?

  8. I've not tried cake but I've done corn spoonbread and it was pretty tasty.

    Hope the cake turned out. I bet it was super fudgy!

    That sandwich sounds pretty darn good to this girl who can't eat bread, BUT I tried this amazing gluten free pizza this weekend (prosciutto, rocket greens, figs and cheese).

  9. Okay- you just made me so hungry! This chocolate cake sound so good! Yum!