Friday, November 25, 2011

Ohio State And Who?

Ok...I am from Ohio...I should know who they are playing tomorrow...
Everyone around me does.
We are going to a party that involves double sets of ribs and brisket.
It also involves football.
Two different grills.
Something called a big green egg for smoking meats.
Lots of people wearing red Ohio State stuff.
I just saw an Ohio State jack in the box and an Ohio State dancing doll.
I hope to slip into a corner tomorrow while the game is on to read.
I have a date with a four year old tomorrow.
I promised him he could play Angry Birds on my iPad.
I have sort of hooked him on it.
My bad.

I love love love Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. I can just see you sitting in the corner reading! lol I am cranked up about football today with all the rivalry games being played. Keep your fingers crossed for the Hokies!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the game- or that you got some time away to read. Your sister's house sounds fascinating! I would want to get away to read, too. I am not into football- but I know so many people out there love it! At least at football events the food is usually tasty.