Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Saturday!!!

It's a happy day in the neighborhood!!! I can not even hear myself think because every one has some sort of yard machine running. People are seeding lawns and raking leaves and mowing lawns. Dennis is dismantling summer...the deck is empty and all of my flower pots are stored away for the winter. A little bit have everything tucked away...but basically just one more of those East Coast traditions that we are used to...and every one is trying to snatch up one last little ray of sun... I spent the day putting away Halloween and taking out the tiny bit of Thanksgiving that I have...but noface pumpkins are allowed to remain out until Dec. 1st...and they are really happy...

Our rooms show a little less orange right now...

We are taking ourselves out to dinner tonight. I actually bought a Groupon for a restaurant that we I will be sipping an icy cold martini in a few hours...I am in primp and prep mode now. Whew!!! I am realizing for the first time that everything I own is nails are even a sort of black...a very dark greyish color but it looks black...I am suddenly shocked by how much black stuff I own.



You simply have to read this book...It is one of the best dysfunctional books I have read this year!!! I could not put it down!!!
My full review is on Amazon and Goodreads. The writing, characters, and plot...were fabulous.

Wet hair, outfit indecision...more prep work needed...
Happy Saturday...Dennis said there is a college football game on tonight that the world will be watching...I wonder what teams are playing...hmmm.

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  1. Oh, I absolutely detest the sounds the gardeners make. Around here they come on Friday afternoons.

    The leaf blowers then leave a detritus of leaf stuff on my patio, no matter how many times I request that the gardeners point the blowers away from my patio!

    Your dinner sounds lovely. I adore martinis! LOL

    My nails are kind of a dark purple/red, and I have a lot of black too!

    I try to use red or purple accessories.

    Have fun!

  2. That cat looks so much like one I met this summer overseas. I should have brought him home with me. I have to post a picture of him. So sweet, so cute.