Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I chose a book but did not start to read it.
I collected all of my yarn squares together but did not stitch them into my quilt.
I put all of the things I needed for my Halloween Banner together but did not begin to stitch it.
I made a list of things I should be doing but I did not do any of them.
I added to my list of things to do but did not do those things either.
I redid my list of things to do and still did not do any of them.
I looked at a huge basket of laundry...just the darks...and ignored them.

I did eat pumpkin pie for breakfast.

And chips and hummus for lunch.

I did stomp through leaves.
I did let the wind blow my newly keratined hair all over the place.
I did get my nails painted a viscious fiery red.
I did make a dinner reservation.
I did flop on the sofa covered in a comfy quilt to watch Work Of Art and The Rachel Zoe Project.
I did take a yummy bubble bath in the middle of the day!!!
I did have a lovely birthday.
Oh...I still have presents to open when my husband comes home from work.


I will show you those tomorrow!!!
I wish I could share my birthday cake with you!!!


  1. You are not supposed to do anything responsible on your Bday! You know that!

    Happy day to you!! I can't wait to see what you got.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Patty! Did not realize its' you B-Day today!
    Wow!...that calls for celebration. Can't wait to see your presents, and you have to share a piece of your yummy cake with me:DDD
    Have a wonderful day, my dear friend!

  4. It sounds like a fabulous way to spend your birthday. Happy birthday to you!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day so far.

  6. A very happy birthday to you, Patty! I think your day sounds perfect.

  7. Awwww Happy Birthday! Ignore your to-do list - Birthday's only come once a year! :)

  8. I think you made some very good choices today! Happy birthday....I am also an October "baby."

    Enjoy! Glad you had pumpkin pie for kind of choice.

  9. Happy Birthday, girl! I had no idea. I love to watch Rachel Zoe too. She's bananas! Lol...