Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Special Announcement...

Our bathroom is completely painted...

It is blue!!!

I now want to paint everything blue!!!

That would be a tiny sign of my obsessive/compulsive personality!!!

Book news...

I just finished reading Brian Selznick's Wonderstruck...a beautiful beautiful book. I loved it!!!

A corner of my new blue bathroom...which we still can't shower in because we have rescheduled the shower door installation so many times...we are not allowed to call them again until we are sure we are done!!!


  1. Yay for a blue bathroom! I loved Wonderstruck too.

  2. Now that you've finished painting your bathroom, can you come over and paint my house, Patty???? :D

  3. That's a pretty blue. It looks a lot darker than that sample you showed before. I'm surprised.

  4. I know...I said heck with it and went darker...

  5. Is this the same blue you posted a swatch of? It looks much darker. I love it though. You must be so happy to have it done. Finally!

  6. I love the blue! It looks gorgeous...and hey, the book you just read has a blue cover!