Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!!!

I think I am a seasonal shopper...I love certain things in the fall.  New boots and a new bag and some comfy tees and sweaters, black tights, scarves, a hat or two.
I switch lipsticks and glosses to whatever new reddish shade is shown and I am a happy camper.
I am in love with Nars stuff...shadows, liptints and glosses.  I love Clinique's chubby lip crayons...rich and moisture filled and you can apply them without a mirror.  They don't even need to be sharpened.  You wind them.  I love love love Beauty.com. It is better than actually going to a store.  Free samples no shipping charges and a speedy delivery.  Plus you build up bonus money every time you shop. And it comes off of your orders.
Plus always a free great gift.
Sundance Catalog...the best bags, shoes, gloves and jewelry. 
Garnett Hill...sweaters and soft dresses.
Free People...almost everything is amazing.
Wildfox Couture...the best hang around the house tees and jerseys.
Marshalls...my go to place for men's sweats...there is nothing better than oversized men's sweats to wear around the house when you are lounging.
Philosophy...they have a new cream called 27 Wishes...it softens anything...heels hands elbows...it is amazing.

  I need these, too. 
 Measuring cups.
From Anthropoligie.  I adore Anthropologie.

The house must be seasonalized too...a change out of quilts and throws and pillows.  Warmer deeper colors that sing to me when it is cold outside.
And baby it gets cold outside.
Foods get more seasonal, too.  Pumpkins and squashes and green green veggies.  Apples and cider and sharper cheeses.
I don't even mind that it gets darker earlier. I love these crisp fall days.
Hot cider...yum...cold cider...yum.
A stack of amazing books to read.

I just ordered Lucy two of these.
I think she needs them.
You can get them at Amazon.
She can't wait.

Do seasons rule any of your life? 


  1. I am a terrible shopper and need someone to take me by the hand and help me. I need new clothes some kind of bad and almost always leave the store empty handed.

  2. Patty-You just gave me a great tip! I will check out Beauty.com, because I hate going to the department stores to look for beauty items. All I can tell you, is I hardly ever buy beauty products, and what I actually need, I can find in the local CVS drugstores. I used to buy AVON, but have not bought any in a long time.

    As for shopping for clothes...you gotta keep in mind, this is South Florida, and we seldom need warmer clothes...as for winter clothes, maybe 1 wk, if!
    Nice, that you like to go seasonal shopping...as for me, I hate to go by myself, because it's nice to get opinion from someone else, and a lot of times I end up buying something that I return anyway...but that's just me!

  3. I like shopping for the home...and handbags. I have a lot of handbags, and some I forget to use!

    Love the little outfit for Lucy. So cute!

    And yes, I realize that I shop more in the fall and winter. Why is that? Maybe because I am cozying up the house...and the fall handbags are more to my liking.

    But I'm trying to restrain myself this year!

  4. Juju...I accidentally deleted you comment about spending money in the fall...but I appreciate it...lol...too much stuff to buy when seasons change...