Thursday, October 27, 2011

In A Bit Of A Book Muddle?

I have no clue what this sort of weird thing I do is called...I don't know if I am obsessive or compulsive or both or neither.
Sometimes I cannot decide what I want to read.
The fit of Patty and her book has to be perfect. is the thing...once I start a book I refuse to allow myself to change it.
So...I have downloaded Shine to my Kindle but I did not start it. 
It was too sad right now.
Then I downloaded Clockwork Prince to my Kindle but...
that was not a good fit either...I could sort of tell by just looking at it.

Then I downloaded Practical Jean to my Kindle and finally
that felt just right.
So that is what I am reading
and it is really good.
So far.
I will let you know.

Today is Pasta Thursday at our house.
This tradition was begun by my mom and my sister.
Now everyone I know...craves pasta on Pasta Thursday.
I am making home cooked sauce from our Italian store and home cooked meatballs from our Italian store. 
My job is defrosting and assembling.
And cheese sprinkling.
I might make almost home made garlicky cheese bread.
If I am not too tired.

Happy Pasta Thursday!!!


  1. Love the idea of Pasta Thursday! Of course, I could eat pasta for just about every meal without issue. I actually had pasta for lunch :)

    And don't worry, you're not alone -- sometimes I really can't decide what to read next, either. I literally stare at my bookcase -- with 100+ unread books -- and scan the titles, looking for something to intrigue me. It seems like there's always a perfect book for a certain time in my life, and I'm on the hunt for it.

  2. Thanks have to start Pasta Thursday's as soon as you actually prevents you from eating it on other days...sort of a save up day...and thank you, too for the book thoughts...I hate when I do that...

  3. Now that I've found a good gluten free brand, I tend to eat pasta at least twice a week (once for a meal and once as leftovers for lunch).

    The book muddle thing hasn't happened to me this year. I have been very choosy with my books this year. Very choosy. I've turned down loads of books and been reading only the ones that I really really want to read. The other thing is that I have been reading 3-4 books at once so even if one is a bit slow, there are others to pick up the slack.

    Maybe Lucy Grace needs to pick your next book. Oh wait, silly me. We have our next book don't we?

  4. I think the change of seasons makes us all a little distracted. I want to come to your house for dinner.

  5. That guy on the cover of ClockWork Prince is so unusual looking. That alone has me interested and I haven't even read one book in the series yet. Ha ha ha ...

  6. Oh, totally yummy! I like the idea of Pasta Thursday....but I don't want to cook anything.

    Guess what I'll do instead? Yeah, probably run out to one of the restaurants in the neighborhood. Macaroni Grill? Hmm...haven't been there in awhile.

    I hope you finally found the book that fits your mood, Patty.

  7. I love the idea of pasta Thursday.. and Friday and Saturday and Sunday...

    Sometimes I have trouble finding a book to fit my mood, too.