Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Makes Me Want To Make Soup...Lots Of Soup!!!

What is it about soup?
This sweet little book came in the mail yesterday and I already love it and the soup recipes contained inside.
This book is petite and tiny and spirally bound.
Directions are clear and easy...nothing is complicated.
Ingredients are relatively normal ones.
I love making soup.
I especially love making soup in my slow cooker.
A tummy warming soup is simmering away in mine right now.
Something Italian.
Something that requires dipping crusty bread into it.
And sprinkling the top with olive oil and freshly grated Parmesano Reggiano cheese.
The Italian in me sings to this soup.
The only weird soup recipe that I found inside is apple pie soup...
I will not be making that one.
No way.
Not into fruit soups.
Double ick.

I think my husband and I could easily live on soup, bread, and cheese.
Perhaps some fruit.
And coffee.
And chocolate.
Then we could live on soup alone.
Maybe a taco or two every now and then.
But mostly soup...soupy soup!!!
There is a Maurice Sendak rhyme about the seasons of the year but the line I always remember is...sipping once sipping twice sipping lovely soup with rice!!!

My thoughts exactly.

What are your thoughts on...


  1. I'm waiting for it to cool off more to try this gem of a book. Our air conditioner is still running.

  2. Its cold today, in the 60s and raining, so soup sounds fantastic. I just printed one out from a foodie blog I want to try, once I can get to the farmer's market this weekend.

  3. I LOVE soup! Especially the nice, thick homemade kind. Or even the kind you get at Marie Callender's. I'll go there (it's just a block away from me) to have soup for lunch, or soup for dinner. With wine, of course.

    But I don't have a crock pot right now...lost it in the divorce. Yeah, that's a story for another day. (And that was so many years ago, that it hardly seems worth mentioning!).

    One of the things I used to enjoy was going to my daughter's house and eating soup they made. Either she or her husband could make great soup.

    I haven't made any in a long time. That looks like a great recipe book.

  4. Enjoy it Sarah...those kinds of temps cry out soup!!!

  5. I erased June 's by accident...stupid ipad2... But she said umm umm good!!!

  6. Ah, not you've made me want a nice big bowl of soup. Fall is perfect for it.

    I actually like fruit soups, at least chilled ones. I had a strawberry soup once upon a time that was delicious.

  7. Totally agree, should have a big bowl...of soup...I also collect soup dishes...I love soup bowls!!!

  8. This looks like one I would like. We have soup at least once a week in the winter, so I'm always looking for new recipes. I'll keep an eye out for it at the book store.

  9. So far, Tami, I am really enjoying this book.

  10. We eat a lot of soup & stew. Sounds like a book I could use!