Friday, September 16, 2011

It Can't Be...I Will Not Have It...

How can I be in a reading slump?
What does the word slump even mean?
I refuse to believe it.
But I have been reading the same book for endless days...or so it seems.
I love the book but I am not devouring it...I am reading it.
S L O W L Y.

I prefer to be a reading machine...tackling my newly organized Kindle collections one after another while I work my way through my self imposed Goodreads challenge. I wanted to read 130 books before 2011 so that I could set my goal even higher. I thought that was an awesome goal because I hate audio and I only like to read one book at a lonely little book at a time...

Oh me...
Oh my...
I need a cure really soon!!!

What do you do if or when this has ever happened to you?

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  1. I do the same thing. I prefer to be a reading machine, finishing a book in a few days. But sometimes when it takes forever to read a book, yuck. I usually pull out of it quickly. I hope you do too!

  2. Thanks, Linda...I love the book...I think I am just distracted...

  3. I would put the book down for a bit and pick up something else. Something short that you can finish quickly.

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  5. I should have a novella or two around for just that...good idea!!!

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  7. Sarah has left a new comment on your post "It Can't Be...I Will Not Have It...":

    I would put asside that book for bit, and try a switch in genre. Might just need a little something different. It seemed to help me. I did one not long ago, just randomly deciding to check out some ya paranormal for a change from my historical fiction I was reading.

    Hope you find something.

    Thanks, Sarah...another good thought!!!

  8. For starters, Patty...aren't you on vacation?...that should answer for one reason why you are not reading as much. So much going on and just relaxing, enjoying the beauitiful place, the view, your amazing foods, hanging out with Lucy...she needs you to pay more attention to her now! just chill out, and forget your novels...take a brake from reading:DDD

  9. Wow. You're human after all. I, for one, think this is a good thing. I want you to go out and do other things. Then come back and read. So there! Ha!

    You could volunteer at a school--you know-- help kids learn to read--be a role model...hee hee hee...

  10. Yummy idea Junie...hee hee hee...after spending 24.61 years teaching...I can not go near an elementary school without getting of...

  11. You have an old Raggedy Ann very similar to mine :) Except mine is in the closet where no one is allowed to play or touch her. She's my last surviving doll. :)

  12. Juju...I love that Raggedy Ann...I have a little one, too...Lucy is allowed to sleep on her!!!