Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going Out To Dinner...

Sovano Bistro

Once upon a time there was a young man who made pizza.
He made his pizzas so well that everyone wanted them.
Then one day he decided to make more than pizza.
He made amazing other food.
He grew a following.
He uses local products as much as possible.
It is extremely difficult to just walk in to his restaurant.
It is always exceptional and always surprising.
I die for his martinis...crisp and cold and yummy.
The raw tuna starter with not even describable. And then there is his
 calamari starter...he tosses fried lemon slices into it along with a scrumptious dipping sauce.
He has handmade pastas and veggie dishes and Wagyu beef and a whole fish that my husband loves to pieces.
He has hired a dessert magician.
Their creme brulee is the best in the world.
My husband and I always share one...I get to crack the top with my spoon.  It always comes with delectable fresh berries.
Double yum.
We yearn for dinner here.
It is our local go to place.

Do you have an amazing home town favorite place to go to for dinner?


  1. Oh great, now my appetite is in full roar lol

    That all sounds completely delicious!

  2. Trash... We went last good...had house made sorbet for dessert...mmmmmmmmmm.

  3. That is such a gorgeous creme brulee! They sure gave you a lot of raspberries:DDD
    Love the bistro, as well!