Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Such Gentle Souls...LOL...

I can be compulsive and obsessive.
Just a bit.
I love clothes.  I just bought a slouchy kind of over sized tee in every color it comes in.
I tend to do that if I love something.
I love these shoes.
I must have them.
I will not be happy without them.
My husband reads my blog.
I have a birthday coming up.
I could buy the gray ones and he could buy the black ones!!!
I even love the name of these shoes.
Gentle Souls.
Perfect name for the perfect shoe.
Size 7.
You can find them at Garnet Hill.

I love Garnet Hill...lovely beautiful treasures...clothes and shoes and jammies and coats and bedding...lovely bedding.

Check it out and you will fall in love with the catalog, too.


  1. Those shoes are adorable! My birthday's in November, Dennis.

  2. I LOVE these shoes. They are totally my style. Then I went to the site and saw the price. What the....?!?

  3. Those look so cute and comfortable.

  4. I love those shoes! Both the gray and the black!

    I have a wedding coming up so I have to find just the right thing and you know how that goes... When you HAVE to get something, you can't find anything. Sigh.