Sunday, August 28, 2011

It Isn't Over 'Til Irene Says It's Over...

We survived an earthquake, a hurricane, and a tornado watch all within a matter of days.
But...when the pond actually flowed into the basement through the French doors...
I think we lost our cool.
The good thing is that I am an organized person...stuff in the basement...and there is lots of stuff in the in bins...labeled, etc.
My husband always loses it whenever I buy more bins and put more stuff in the basement...
but the bins saved us and the stuff...the very important stuff...I think.
Our sump pump was broken...that was the reason the massive amount of rain and pond water couldn't be controlled.
We love Ron...our plumber.
New pump...messy but much drier basement.
Sun is shining beautifully.
The wind has finally stopped blowing.
Lucy has stopped looking up at the ceiling and running.
We have not a thing to eat but who cares.
We did not lose power...yet...that alone is fact a miracle...we lose power all of the time.
What an amazing week end.


  1. I'm glad you're safe and relatively dry. We've never had a basement, so I don't really know what a sump pump is.

  2. Hopefully you guys get a break soon! Enjoy the sun.

  3. Oh man! We flooded last year (back patio) and took me, The Boy and The Girl to shovel that water elsewhere. No sump pumps by us since we are desert most days!

    I was hoping you'd say that you used bins. I am a big bin user myself.

  4. Hurray for you and your organizational skills. If this happened to us we would be in deep trouble. So sorry that you've suffered through so much lately. Here's praying God sends you some better times soon.