Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here!!!

I really do love summer but it is so seriously hot is amazing.  I am going to get out my kiddie/kitty pool and tipple my toes in cool cool water.
Or I can just stay inside and read.
Which is pretty much what I have been doing.
Dinners have pretty much been caveman dinners.
A simple meat, chicken or fish and cool crisp veggies.
As soon as the yard is done and all plants are watered...we are in for the day.
Tuna is marinating.
Salads are ready.
And there is an amazing cherry pie for dessert.
Fresh local cherries and a crumbly crust.
Not baked by me.
Vanilla ice cream in the freezer.
I am drinking a wine from Portugal called Vinho Verde.  You serve it in a frosted martini glass with a skewer of frozen grapes.  It is light and slightly fizzy.
I had it for the first time last night with our caveman dinner and it was superb.
Apparently there are many makers...but all the bottles are priced at ten dollars and under...
So good.   So light.  So refreshing.

Have a lovely week end!!!


  1. I purchased a Lambrusco yesterday which is a red, fizzy wine. Sounds a bit like what you had here. I haven't tried it yet. Instead, I opted for an Australian Shiraz. Yum!

  2. Cherries are just about my favorite fruit - they never stay around here long enough to be baked into a pie. Stay cool!