Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack...And A Quick Summer Review...

Well that break didn't last long...hee hee hee!!!

Our air conditioner stopped working yesterday!!!
Add that to the list of things that are being replaced/repaired and growing by the minute...
The kitchen...countertops and a bigger island
Master bath...bigger shower
Roof...new...cedar shingles are dropping like pennies from heaven
Air Conditioner...repair or new...yikes!!! 
 Waiting for the verdict from our air conditioner doctor.
See sad xray above...

Let me just say that last night's sleeping circumstances were adventurous...
my husband put every fan we own into our bedroom...
cat fur was flying!!!
I could not hear anything.
I have a headache today...

Now to Will Lavender's book...
Obedience...his first book was the first book I ever KIndled on my first Kindle...
Is this sort of a right of passage?
Like your first kiss?
Anyway...I degress...

I loved Obedience and have been waiting for what seems like forever for his second book.
I think I even wrote him a "Dear Will" letter to ask him what he was up to.

Anyway...I digress...

Dominance is a fabulous book.  It involves the characters in Obedience about 10 years later.  And the same bad things that happened then are happening again...now.
That is all that I will say.
The writing is masterful...the suspense is unbelievable and the plot is unwrapped bit by bit magically.
My advice...read both...read Obedience first and then take a little break and read Dominance.
You will thank me...and Will Lavender!!!

Happy Thursday and think positive thoughts about my air conditioner!!!


  1. Oh yikes, being without air conditioning would be awful. I hope you don't melt!

    I'm glad to see the book is so good since it's in my TBR pile.

  2. I'm so glad ours was fixed before the big heatwave of 110. When is the repair guy coming out for yours? You cannot live without AC (dramatic, I know).