Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom...

My mom and me...

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I almost forgot.  When you don't have your mom here to send cards and flowers gets a little less important.  I just say Happy Birthday to her in my head and go on with my day.  I used to send her a huge box...if I wasn't there for her birthday...loaded with little wrapped presents.  Makeup and soaps and lotions and gift cards and chocolate.  My mother had a deep dark relationship with chocolate.  I remember one time I sent her about 10 really amazing chocolate ones...just luscious bites of chocolate...I called and asked her how her first one was and her response to me was...Oh, honey...I ate them all...
We both laughed and laughed. 
I miss mailing her chocolates.
I miss calling her on the phone.
I miss asking her how to make things.
I miss watching her play with her great grandbabies.
I miss seeing Lucy melt in her arms.
I miss seeing her stand at the front door to wave good bye to us until she couldn't see us anymore...even in the winter.
I miss the way her sheets smelled.
I miss how good her house smelled.
I miss her soup...her yummy chicken soup.
I miss her buttered noodles.
I miss the way she kept celery sticks in a glass of ice water on the counter to munch on.
I miss her laugh.
I miss the way she would hop around...really hop...
I miss the way she would always carry a wet soaped washcloth in a baggie in her purse.
I miss seeing her ride up the driveway on her red bicycle.
I miss hearing her complain about my dad.
I miss her soft cheek.
I just miss my mom.

Happy Birthday, Louise!!!


  1. Oh, I know yesterday must have been a sad day for you. I hope you're doing well.

  2. Where does the time go. I remember you posting about your mom last year. I can't believe a year has gone by already. I share your sentiments. I love seeing your old pictures. Yes. Happy birthday to Patty's mom. Happy birthday, Louise!

  3. I miss her too and I never even met her :) You had me at chicken soup and buttered noodles.