Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Is The After... the casual observer...this might still look like a chaotic mess but to me it looks as though I have accomplished a major goal!!!

I need a round of applause!!!

I need kudos!!!

I need some attagirls!!!

This is the result of literally depleting all of the upstairs bedrooms of all of the extra books that have been in my house for years.

My neighbor Jane...thinks that I gave away at least 400 books.

I feel amazing!!!

And I still read three books this far!!!

What amazing goal did you take on this week?

One more look at my lovely shelves...


  1. Oh, Patty! It's looks great! Yes, you do get an attagirl from me. I have 284 books going to charity for you this week, so yes, your total is about 400 for the entire project. WAY TO GO

  2. I know how good you must feel. So, you want to come to Texas in about 6 weeks or so and weed my books?? LOL

  3. 400?? Wow...applause first for letting go and more applause for organizing the ones you kept!!

  4. *Round of applause* - Looks brilliant! I really need to sort mine out!

  5. What did you do with all those books?!? Kudos to you, by the way! I'm working on organizing this week too. I can see the floor in the corner of the living room again. Yay, me!!

  6. I copied and pasted the response to you re: your comment, on my blog, which normally I never comment back on my blog...knowing that the commenter never comes back reading their response!

    Patty-The potatoes were on another occasion, with the plain french toast...although that one had only maple syrup on it. (now I can delete my own response from my blog...LOL)

    "The blackberry filled french toast was on a separate filling, that you would not be able to eat anything else with it!

    Patty you remind me of my granddaughter Gabby, age 9. She has to have little separate dishes for her sauce to dip her chicken in, does not like her rice touching anything, or her meat with sauce on the "picky"

    Your bookshelf is the same replica...figured out it's IKEA...daughter Lora has the same shelvs. Great job, at organizing, time to downsize is always good!

  7. The fact thatg it's contained to two bookcases gets you an "attagirl!"