Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow...Yikes...Amazing...Yummy Books...

I can't even list them...they are popping up everywhere!!!  On the front steps and on the bench by the garage and in the mailbox!!!  It is an epidemic of books,  a torrent,  a flood and a whirlwind of reading material. 

I love it.
I am reading all of them.

The bottom two boxes are IPAD2 black...IPADS arrive soon.

Kindled books are here this week too...I will list them later...and I even had some books gifted!!!

I am ever so thankful to every publisher out there who has found me!!!

I will never catch up...but it does not bother me...I am one reader reading and loving one book at a time!!!

What are you happily reading this week?


  1. That will keep you busy for a while ;)

    This week I was in the mood for something old, so I pulled Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White off my TBR shelf - and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

  2. I got some of these this last week too. But not others. Lovely. Lovely. Hope you enjoy them, each and every one! :-)

  3. I will never tire of the packages received. Never.

    I am reading Ordinary Thunderstorms which started off very slow and then BAM took off! I am also reading The Wikkeling. Very strange book.

  4. We are not good at sharing...Lucy needed her own...hee hee hee...

  5. Thanks for the bid Patty, on my chocolate chip biscotti. Did not realize at first that was you who bid...LOL

    ...right now, I'm reading Summer at the Villa Rosa...not a recent book, it's from 2007. Story takes place in Naples, Italy.

  6. Holy cow, what a haul! Hope you enjoy all your reads and your new iPad2. I've seen 22 Britannia Road popping up here and there and think it sounds awesome!