Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood!!!

It is an amazingly beautiful lovely incredible springy day here today!!!

Everything outside and inside just smells really good. 

Taxes are prepped and sent off and we can finally breathe again for another year!!!

I hate tax time!!!

Do you feel easier mentally when tax prep is done?

I have read at least 3 books since last Saturday...I read Falling Under by Gwen Hayes and I read Simon Beckett's new book...The Calling Of The Grave...and I read Wings by Carrie Ryan...each of them fascinating in their own way.

I am about to start a new book but the delicious part of that is that I have not chosen it yet.  I am about to peruse my Kindle collections and choose something yummy or perhaps...purchase a new one?  Hee hee hee...

I am wondering...how long does it take you to get into a new book after finishing one...how do you decide what to read?


  1. It depends on the book I've just finished and the one I'm just about to start.

  2. That "what to read next" feeling always puts me in a panic. If I don't have stuff lined up right away, I tend to stall...like a rusty engine. LOL.

    I just started The Uncoupling. Too early to tell if I like it yet.

  3. Unfortunately, these days, I have a stack ten deep of books that I need to read for any given month, so choosing my next book is relatively easy. I try to fit in books that deviate from that list a bit, but as I keep adding books, it will be forever before I ever get to them all. I do like a challenge though!

  4. I hope you enjoyed The Calling Of The Grave as much as I did. I do love Simon Beckett's books!