Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday To Me!!!

I think I am sort of spring cleaning today.  I have a bucket with some water and some Pine Sol in smells clean and fresh and I am dabbing it on wooden surfaces that are as tall as I am...does that count?

It is a lovely sunny day...finally.  I hear a lawnmower next door.  Everyone seems to be cleaning up after winter.  We put out some pots and I will fill them with pansies later this week.  Lucy and I will get some afternoon sun on the deck later today.  We should grill!!!  Oh...and daffodils are up all over the place!!!

This is my favorite part of spring.  I hear birds everywhere and geese and ducks are actually running through the backyard.  A squirrel is sitting on my deck railing...waiting for peanuts.

I am working on my new laptop...waiting for Carbonite to restore I am without lots of my favorite things for a while.  Posting will be sporadic this week.

What are you doing to welcome in spring?


  1. It almost feels like summer here today - it's 90 degrees, so I'm staying inside.

  2. I've been waiting for spring. I figure I'll get to start planting flowers soon.

  3. It was in the upper 80s on Sunday and rainy and chilly on Saturday. But the husband and kids are leaving for 11 days, so I'm hoping to get some spring cleaning done while they are gone!