Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Is What I Love About Blogging... And A Giveaway...A Signed Copy Of James LePore's Book!!!

Yesterday I reviewed a book written by James LePore.  It was entitled A World I Never Made.  Soon after publishing my review I received an email from James LePore telling my that I warmed his heart. sweet is that?

I also learned a few really cool things about this author...his wife is as cat crazy as I am,  they had two cats aged 18 and 22 who recently died,  and they just adopted two shelter cats...Frankie and Luca.  He used to be a lawyer.  He is a photographer and he writes really suspenseful novels with amazing flawed characters. 

And that is just one of the amazingly truly wondrous things about blogging...actual real virtual contact with the author.  I love it!!!

Since this was my first author question and answer interview...I asked him some totally irrelevant questions, which he was sweet enough to answer for me.

When I asked him if he would mind my questions...this is what he said...

I would be happy to do this. Now that you know the kind of novel I write, you will understand why I worry that women readers (probably about 80% of the world's novel readers) may not be willing to give my books a try. I think my female characters are strong and very real, but flawed (think of Megan Nolan) as we all are. The character Isabel Perez, in Blood of My Brother, is another such woman. Maybe your blog can help me reach more women readers. It would be a blessing.

Patty speaking...or rather writing...I loved Megan Nolan...she was tough and strong and brave and clever. 

Then of course I asked James what his favorite cookie is...

1. My favorite cookie is the original Toll House chocolate chip. I devoured them with milk when I was a kid, and still do, only now I drink skim milk!

Next came fave drink...

2. My favorite drink is is either Glenlivet on the rocks or a bourbon Manhattan. One of these has marked the end of many a long day for me.

Next was fave author...

3. There are too many in my Hall of Fame to choose just one. I will give you three: Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austin and Ernest Hemingway.

Next was the most frustrating thing about writing...

4. In the suspense genre, pace is as important, if not more so, than characterization. I have had to leave flashbacks, for example, that delve into character's pasts, on the cutting room floor, because, as my editor constantly reminds me, they would slow the novel down. I am stubborn though. I have turned many of these 'saved darlings' into short stories, three of which are out now in a slim volume called 'Anyone Can Die.'

Then came what he did to chillax...

5. I play golf when I can, and I hang out with our two cats.

Finally...what he is working on now...

6. I am about two-thirds through my fourth novel, the story of a star-quality Manhattan district attorney whose son is wrongly accused of murder. There is unexpected romance and there is a sub-plot involving some very nasty characters.

James LePore is very generously donating a signed copy of " A World I Never Made"  to one of my commentors.
Please just leave your name and email and I will use to choose a winner.  Giveaway ends on March 17th...St. Patrick's Day!!!

Good Luck!!!


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