Sunday, March 6, 2011

Raining Cats And...Well...More Cats...

Today is a rainy rainy rainy Sunday.  Not any of us, Patty, Lucy Grace or Dennis wish to go outside or move from our respective comfy chairs and sofas and rockers.  It is tax prep time so that means extra work for Dennis.  It means depression and lots of angst.  It means not much fun.  I hate tax time.  So does Lucy Grace.  Dennis is not much fun for either one of us.  Oh well.  Tax time also makes me yearn to be frugal.  No more books or clothes until April 19th...hee hee hee.   Probably put a hold on shoes and bags and neat bracelets, too.  It will be good for me.  I think.  It will strengthen my character.  I will read books I already own.  These are the thoughts that run through my head on rainy Sundays during tax prep time.

Other stuff...

I just finished Amanda Hocking's book, My Blood Approves.  It was good, really really good.  It involves vampires and ordinary people living in Minnesota.  Pretty much a book about meeting a vampire and that vampire has bloodlust for one particular person, Alice, and her struggle to understand what is happening to her.  The vampire family is living a relatively normal life and are just totally infatuated with Alice.  They hold the belief that you are drawn to certain people but the person that she is drawn to, Peter, appears to hate being anywhere near Alice. The vampires in this book were rich, unbelievably attractive ,of course, and as normal as vampires can be. They truly care about Alice and try to help her make the choice that will make her happy.  This is the first book in the Trilogy so I don't have a clue what choice Alice will make.  I just started the second book today.

Just as I began this book I read articles about Amanda Hocking in
The Huffington Post and also in Novelr.  She literally is self published through Amazon.  She began selling her novels as 99 cent ebooks on Kindle.  I read an interview where she said that in the beginning she read her first novel 50 times to proof it and there were still mistakes she could not she stated that she just hired a professional proofreader.  The stats I read said she had sales of 750 K just for this past January. Her story is indeed very interesting.  I hope you have the time to read it. are you spending your lovely Sunday whether it is raining or not?


  1. It rained for almost two days here, but we finally saw some son late this afternoon.

  2. I live n Minnesota... I wonder if I am more vampire or ordinary people? LOL - I think it is funny as Shiver and Linger (werewolf books) are also in Minnesota. :)

    You have rain - and we have snow.... so sick of snow.

  3. Patty-What an adorable it Lucy Grace?
    We also had rain here, all weekend long, on and off, especially yesterday.
    My son did the same thing, self published his book through Amazon. I finally got a copy of his book, to read, and offer a copy for a giveaway, soon.
    Have a nice Monday, Patty!