Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Happy Happy Sunday...And Back To The Drawing Board !!!

I have not been on my blog for a few days nor have I checked email.  I love email and chatting and tweeting and blogging but I do not like to ever feel as though it is a job.  That is why I stopped teaching...I was tired of deadlines and pressure.  Yesterday we opted to try to find IPADS... but that was impossible...we will just order them from Apple and wait the now required 5-6 weeks.   A tiny little secret that my husband and I share is that we both love computer games.  I love Hidden Object games...I play those on BigFish and I love playing other games on Pogo!!!  My husband does, too and we play Jungle Gin and Canasta and Scrabble with each other from our laptops.  Given a deck of cards...we would not have a clue in the world as to how to play Canasta but on line we love it.  I will sit on the sofa and Dennis will sit in his overstuffed chair and we will talk to each other and play games and talk online while we are playing our game.  We have this idea that we can do this faster and easier on that is mainly why we want them.  And the IPAD2 has cameras so when he travels he can talk and see Lucy and me...we can't wait!!!

The weather here has been amazing.  I just bought a huge puppy playpen to put on the deck for Lucy Grace.  She is an indoor cat but she loves sitting on the deck with me.  In this she can be totally enclosed, bug free and safe.  The only problem is that when I put her in it yesterday, she screamed and screamed and screamed.  So...I have to determine why she hates this totally cute playpen.

I think she hates it just because she is totally enclosed. 

So for is back to the drawing board.

I made a Key Lime Pie today...that is what we are having for dinner...

Salad and pie...

Is there anything at all wrong with pie for dinner?
I even got inside it with her is the perfect reading hideaway!!!


  1. Somehow our original iPad has found a home with our son, so my husband waited in line at the Apple store on launch day to get an iPad2. He loves it - I haven't even messed with it.

  2. LOL I can't even get my husband to play Wii Fit. He's afraid of becoming addicted to it. Not that he'd have the chance to use it. Not with three kids fighting over it. ;)

  3. Haha, there is nothing wrong with salad and pie for dinner! Although my husband would wish for some meat. If it were a chicken salad, we would be set though! :)

    That's a bummer Lucy doesn't like it in there, maybe some special treats can help associate the playpen with reward and she'll learn to like it. Good luck!

    -Sandra @

  4. Kathy, Stina and Sandra...

    Love your comments...I will keep on trying for Lucy and our IPADS!!!