Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Book Review Of A Fast Paced Suspenseful Thriller...

Product Description

Pat Nolan, an American man, is summoned to Paris to claim the body of his estranged daughter Megan, who has committed suicide. The body, however, is not Megan's and it becomes instantly clear to Pat that Megan staged this, that she is in serious trouble, and that she is calling to him for help.This sends Pat on an odyssey that stretches across France and into the Czech Republic and that makes him the target of both the French police and a band of international terrorists. Joining Pat on his search is Catherine Laurence, a beautiful but tormented Paris detective who sees in Pat something she never thought she'd find--genuine passion and desperate need. As they look for Megan, they come closer to each other's souls and discover love when both had long given up on it.Juxtaposed against this story is Megan's story. A freelance journalist, Megan is in Morocco to do research when she meets Abdel Lahani, a Saudi businessman. They begin a torrid affair, a game Megan has played often and well in her adult life. But what she discovers about Lahani puts her in the center of a different kind of game, one with rules she can barely comprehend. Because of her relationship with Lahani, Megan has made some considerable enemies. And she has put the lives of many--maybe even millions--at risk.A World I Never Made is an atmospheric novel of suspense with brilliantly drawn characters and back-stories as compelling as the plot itself. It is the kind of novel that resonates deeply and leaves its traces long after you turn the final page. 
My Review...

Murder, mystery, suspense and terrorists are what this book is about. I am not normally in the habit of reading a book of this nature but once you begin the first chapter this intense book is impossible to put down. I literally read it straight to the end…only stopping when I had to. So much for laundry…and dinner.
It is a story about a father and his daughter in alternating chapters. The premise is that Pat Nolan is called to Paris to identify his daughter’s dead body. It is believed that she has committed suicide but when Pat Nolan sees the body it is not his daughter Megan. Due to a note left behind by Megan he knows that she is alive and in grave danger.
Pat and Megan are not a typical father and daughter. They are sort of semi estranged and barely see each other. Megan is a writer and travels the world for her stories. At most the two of them would meet once a year at Christmas. Megan’s mother died during childbirth and Pat was not much of a stay at home dad.
I was immediately thrown into this totally frightening terrorist culture. No one can be trusted and anyone helping Megan or Pat is met with an extreme deadly horrible punishment. The terrorists show no mercy. Not too many people are spared. That part was really sad.
Luckily Pat meets a French detective who helps him in this quest to find his daughter and as he soon learns, he is also now searching for his grandson. Megan has reasons to hide her newborn from his father…a very wealthy extremist. Her faked death is the only way she can do this.
There is so much going on within this novel. The minute you think you can catch your breath…someone else is caught up in Megan’s plight and my breathless reading began all over again.

There is an amazing ending. There is a love story. There is hope.

I truly did enjoy this book. Again…not to overstate this but I could not put this book down. I just had to sit and read it until I couldn’t read any more. I put it away and then found myself picking it up again just to see what would happen next.

The ending was exciting.

My thanks to “Pump Up Your Book” and Lou Aronica for sharing this author with me.


  1. This sounds like one of those books that make me want to do nothing but read until I'm through with it.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful review! I am always on the lookout for fantastic mystery/thriller authors and this sounds like a read I would LOVE! I'm off to see if I can find it for my Kindle right now!

  3. Thank you, Stacey...it was about as fast paced as you will get!!! It is available for Kindle...enjoy!!!

  4. Kathy...that is exactly what I did!!!

  5. Very good review!!

    I remember seeing this book not long ago and thinking I'd like to read it. Then I forgot about it. I'm adding it to my wish list now so I don't do that again.