Monday, January 31, 2011

I Am Reading As Fast As I Can!!!

These lovely books were in my mail this week.
Kath Russell sent me her coming of age book...Deed So...I am getting ready to read it soon.

In spite of not needing one more book in my life...I Kindled these...I just could not resist them.

I feel as though I have been reading tons of YA Fantasy...which is still a relatively new genre for me.  I really never read it before a year and a half ago and now I cannot get enough of it.  But now I feel as though my reading is a bit lopsided.  Am I reading way too much fantasy...the answer remains to be seen.  But if I am not reading fantasy then I am reading adult dysfunction or spine chilling mysteries.  I hate memoirs, I hate historical fiction, I hate science fiction...I need fantasy...seriously.  Or serious dysfunction...seriously.  I blame Twilight and Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings...seriously.  And I blame all of the series in YA Fantasy...there is not a YA author out there who can end a story with one book...everything I read is a trilogy or a multi trilogy!!!  Look at the Morganville vampires...whew!!!  Perhaps it isn't my fault after all.
When I buy a top that I love I buy it in more than one color so now that I think of it series reading suits my personality perfectly.  My other weird quirky flaw is that I can truly only read one book at a time.  I hate audio books...ick.


Where is your reading taking you lately?

Do you try to diversify?


  1. You can never have too many books! Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a weekend reading retreat?

  2. I know...just a lovely inn and lots of room service and tea and cookies and comfy clothes and big easy chairs and books books pressure other than to read and occasionally chat about your book...

  3. You have quite a few good looking books here!

    Hope you join the Monday What Are You Reading this week as well - this is a special anniversary addition that I am very excited about! :)

  4. I will...I have been doing that more and more lately...