Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Bit Obsessive With Kindle Preorders...

I do buy a lot of books for my Kindle...but even I was surprised at my Kindle homepage a day or two ago...apparently every single book that I had preordered months and months ago was published on Dec. 28th!!!
With shock and awe I had purchased 10 books in one day!!!  Actually...I think they all downloaded in about 10 seconds...and...incredibly...I bought 2 the night before!!!
Is this a Kindle record?
Should I be proud?
Lucky me!!!


  1. I finished the Lost Saint about two weeks ago. More exciting than the Dark Divine. It has a shocking ending. I was like "oh no she didn't!" (the author, I mean) Enjoy. You're heavy in the bloody vampire area...You're such a

  2. Yep...I am a sucka for these bloodsuckas...hee hee hee...I never read them before this year and as you might be able to tell...I can get just a tad carried away with things...