Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mainely Maine...

This is truly one of my favorite restaurants in this entire world.  My husband and I love love love this place.  It is totally vegetarian.  The food is so good and fresh and delicious that if you are not a vegetarian you will not miss meat at all.  It is always busy at lunch.  Soups vary and are so yummy that you will eat big bowlfuls.  While in Maine last week we had a curried chickpea soup that my husband totally fell in love with and a creamy carrot leek soup that I totally fell in love with.  It is very laid back and the chefs and servers seem to be relaxed and chilled and friendly and knowledgeable and a bit quirky.  Chase Daily also has their own farm and most of the food
 comes from the farm and is very local and seasonal.  The back part of the restaurant is a farm market.  You can buy the freshest greens and potatoes and all sorts of seasonal veggies.  We buy Maine honey and tons of dried beans and coffees there, too.

There are also counters full of freshly baked breads and amazingly huge cookies...I am munching on an oatmeal raisin right now that is so good...I am sorry I didn't buy more.  The cherry tarts...I cannot tell you how good they are.  People begin to flock into Chase Daily mid morning for teas and coffee and the best pastries ever.  Yum!!!

The menu is full of many delightfully different foods.  You can get a veggie Bahn Mi...the Vietnamese sandwich that is similar to a hoagie...only at Chase Daily it is full of tons of veggies and grilled tofu...you do not even notice that it is meatless.   I had an egg sandwich one day...OMG...and a kale and feta omelet the next.  And soups and salads and omelets are always served with grilled bread...not toast...Chase Daily's own grilled bread with grill marks and everything.  Double Yum!!!
My apologies!!!  I almost forgot to take a photo so my omelet has a few bites out of it...we were starving!!!

Tomorrow I will be writing about the most amazing store ever...right next door to Chase Daily...a double reason for going to Belfast!!!

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  1. What a wonderful getaway. I would certainly visit just so I can try this amazing little restaurant you visited and had great meals.

    Patty-I have an award for you to pick up at my blog. You certainly deserve it!