Thursday, November 18, 2010


This was posted on Cakespy...a blog that I love and follow.  It is actually a turkey cake with mashed potato icing!!!  I think those are mashed sweet potatoes on the top.  And...I am sure you can add cranberry sauce as an afterthought if you wish. 

How would you like a nice slice of turkey cake?  OMG!!!


  1. Wow!! I thought it was cheesecake at first. I agree that the top is sweet potatoes or yams because you can see the marshmallows!

  2. What is bothering me is that it kind of looks good to me...

  3. Very interesting way of presenting the turkey, except it's ground turkey with probably a jalapeno filling, mashed potato frosting, topped with a sweet mashed potato layer and marshmallows. Hmmm...very nice presentation too, but I think I'll stick to the actual BIRD, and the trimmings.
    Patty-thanks for sharing!