Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Is The Way We Garden...

I have no clue what this plant is...I found them at our local gardening store and although I did keep the little plant tags in them...the birds pulled them out!!!  All I know is that they have been amazing this summer...shiny green leaves and bright reddish flowers that have brought tons of butterflies to our yard.  Normally I would never plant red flowers...I love whites and pinks and fuschias and blues and violets...but these flowers were so lovely...I planted them in pots all over the back decks...and they were so easy to care for.

We found this in the garden, too and neither my husband or I have a clue what it is or what to do with it...it doesn't look very edible...but it is really shiny and pretty so far...                                                      


  1. Those flowers like the spot you've put them in. I know nothing about gardens, but I'd guess the bottom photo is a gourd.

  2. I'm loving your second picture! I dunno what it is either, but it sure has character! :)

  3. I know Kathy...they must love the sun...and Lily Child...it looks like a goose to me...and the markings are amazing...