Sunday, September 19, 2010

OMG...Crack Pie...

I was watching Anderson Cooper co-host a morning talk show a while ago and he was talking about this New York bakery called Momofuko Milk Bar and how he was totally addicted to a dessert called Crack Pie.  He could not describe it other than to say it was sweet and good and a newsletter from Bon Appetit yesterday they said that they were finally able to coax the chef, Christina Tosi,  into giving them her recipe for Crack is the most popular pie ever!!! 

Check out this link for the story and the recipe!!!

1 comment:

  1. My husband's grandma made a version of this. I never understood how such ingredients could turn into a pie, but they did. A sweet, tooth-achey pie at that.

    I've been drooling over Oprah's Chicken Pie segment against my better judgement. I'm allergic to chicken so me eating one won't ever happen but it sure looked good.