Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finishing Book Four And Moving On To Book Five...

Yikes...Feast Of Fools was wonderful...and I truly can't separate the books in this series right now...they are one continuing saga...Feast Of Fools brought to Morganville the most evil of all of the evil vampires...Bishop!!!  He is so awful and frightening and controlling and viperish and chilling that all of the other vampires fear him.   The Masquerade Ball is frightening...and I cannot even begin to tell you why...the entire book is so delicious that anything I say would be a spoiler!!!   So...let me try to  summarize...Claire is in the midst of all of the excitement yet again...Shane ( her roommate and love interest) is under the spell of an evil vampire seductress and even Michael...the youngest of all of the not in control of himself when Bishop is around.   In spite of all of Amelie's ( Queen of Morganville and Clair's sometime protector) strength...the Ball is out of control.  Claire's parents have moved to Morganville and are now aware of the vampires and much to  Claire's surprise her parents are even at the ball.  Her mother is Bishop's personal guest.   Myrnin plays a key role in this book and like Claire...I have a love/hate feeling about him.  When he is normal and good Myrnin is delightful but when he is is no mercy in him at all.  This series for me at this time is unstoppable.  It is a must read can't put down... until the last book is done.


  1. You really are hooked! Glad to see you're enjoying the series so much. (Thanks for your sweet note!)

  2. Hooked and addicted...have not a clue why...did you have fun in New York...I am going next year for sure...