Thursday, March 4, 2010

I believe that Lucy is actually proud of what she has done to her cat puppet. It is barely recognizable and is so severely damaged that she cannot play with it unsupervised any sad...every once in a while I pull him out and let her hold him...what will she do when my plan to get her a baby brother...whom is already named Winston Cooper fulfilled...will she want him or will she do to him what she has done to her puppet...hmmm...she has been the only kitty for a while now...and is loving and sweet but very very spoiled...
Not yet into Blue Is For Nightmares but I think that is only because I just started it and I always have a difficult time transitioning to new characters after a should know how much I love it soon enough.  Although it is sunny out...the melting snow is covering much muddiness.  Even my jaunt to the bird feeder left my  UGGS a disastrous mess...hmm...can they be washed?
I really just want to read my book and read blogs and watch CSI...not a work out day...not a walking day...a sort of restful day...sushi for dinner and a nice glass of wine...
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  1. I love those kinds of days. Enjoy!