Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ode To My Beloved Kindle...

I love my Kindle...I love my is the amazing knowledge of having the capacity to carry an entire library around with me everywhere that I go.  Today my  library was at the salon while I got a mani/pedi and it went to Maine and Colorado and Ohio...often my library will just go out on the deck with me...the best thing about a Kindle is not having to decide what book or books to take along when we travel...I take my entire library with me wherever I go...and I add to my library way too much...I love my real and precious paper books, too...but don't you just feel a bit greener using a Kindle?  I think I do...


  1. I am at conflict about Kindle versus book. Yes its greener and I do so love trees but I LOVE my books...I like seeing them on the shelf, I like the sound of pages turning, the smell of old books, etc. I do however like the idea of buying a book from the convenience of your home!

  2. I have a Sony e-reader and I love it madly. I love that it saves trees, and I love that I can buy a book in the middle of the night from my home. And I really love how easy it is to hold and flip pages.
    I love real books too, but more for their beauty.

  3. I love my Kindle too. While it contains only about 5% of my book collection, it still gives me a lot of choice in a very small footprint. I also love the free book downloads at Amazon each week. I love getting books for free!