Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Almost Spring!!!   I am taking KarinTheLibrarian's spring festive challenge...I think my goal will be to write more book reviews and put them all over the place...I am frantically reviewing books on Amazon...because I really want an invitation to the Amazon Vine I am so sorry for all the reviews I did not write and publish...but I am totally taking care of that now...thank goodness that I really do write reviews for almost everything that I read.   I have kept them on my laptop just in case I need them and now I that I am consumed with getting an invitation from Amazon...I really need them.  I am also getting more and more books in the mail and I want to focus on a good way to track them...they come without letters and I need to come up with a really great way to remember where they came from so that I can get thank you's out... with all of this my head anyway...I am focused on just chillaxing for the rest of the day.  A nice glass of a chilled white wine...and someone else bringing home dinner tonight...Happy Friday all!!!


  1. Have lots of fun Patty! A glass of wine sounds good--I think I should go get one for me too! :)

    Looking forward to reading more reviews from you.

  2. Hi Patty! Per my goal "To visit the blogs of all participants in the Spring Break Reading Challenge" I am here to say hello! I am new to reviewing books but find enjoyment in sharing my views on a book w/ others. I have not clue what the Amazon Vine program is, but I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goal for it!

  3. Good luck getting invited to Amazon Vine. I have started posting reviews there too. I wonder what the magic number is to get an invitation?

    I use LibraryThing to track my books. You can easily tag your books with the name of the person you get the books from. I also write notes to myself in the Comments section. You can post your reviews there too. Good Reads has something similar and lots of folks like the community aspect there. I have an account there too but prefer LibraryThing because I'm more familiar with it.