Monday, February 8, 2010

I just finished Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow

I literally raced through this book...I loved every spine chilling tremor causing word but I could not put it down.  I began reading on Super Bowl Sunday just after I finished reading the New York Times...I finally put it down just when New Orleans officially won.  It was so delicious.   I have just begun reading her next book...Betrayals...I have this innate compulsion to read every book in a series before being able to go on to a new book.   I think it is quite possible to read faster on a Kindle...there is no time wasted turning pages or going back to just press next page and off you go...I will let everyone know how Betrayals was in a day or be truthful...I have successfully avoided all things my life...and now...I kind of have an interest in them along with Werwufen and all kinds of other creepy creatures of the these books...they are good...really good...

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