Friday, October 31, 2014

Fabulous Fun Friday...Except for One Thing!

We had to get driver's license photos taken today and I swear if they would let me take my own selfie it would look 500 times better than the one on my license right mad!

I took a selfie in the car and compared it to my new DL photo and I don't even look like the same person!

So mad! I want this on my license!

Instead of this!

Life is often not very fair!

Finished this yesterday...not wonderful at all...I actually think I got depressed reading it...sigh!

Reading this today and almost laughing out loud! This book is told from the viewpoint of Darren...a teenage boy after being told a lifer altering secret by his dad who is recently divorced from husband mom...seriously...every page is a list...I love it! Well...I love it except for some of the bathroom humor...sigh!

To cheer us up after our devastating driver's license photos we went to lunch here...
The Whip! It's awesome, always packed and in the heart of horse country.

He cheered me up!

This helped, too!

House made smoked salmon over teeny sweet lil' potato pancakes...yum!

Tavern salads with the juiciest grilled chicken and Stilton dressing! So good!

Off to read and watch scary movies!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday's Trivial Pursuits!

Read this middle grade book last night...loved it. Chirp's mom is very ill and the book is about what happens to this family because of it.

Want these...from UO...doesn't it look like an old bathrobe?

Love this but I love this pattern in everything!

Love this, too...

Want this for dinner from The Kitchn and a cookbook called Easy Gourmet...Seafood Pappardelle!

Couldn't find Roxie this morning and I didn't hear any yowling...they were actually holding each other and sleeping. When I think about it now...Roxie has never given up hope that longer stretches of this would be the eventual outcome!

Den and I are off to walk a Butterfly Meadow!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday's Woes!


I couldn't remember if I gave Lucy her HPB pill yesterday...I always remember! But I was in and out and I think I totally I keep watching her for any change.

There is nothing here for dinner...or lunch.

We probably don't need to buy more but Den and I have nibbled on enough of the basket of Halloween candy to make us feel as though we should buy just one more bag...sigh!

Now the good stuff...

Finished, loved, adored this book! So lovely and so good!

Reading this now...

It's Happy Kitty Day's amazing to see how much Roxie loves Lucy...

And the way Lucy can sometimes return that love...sometimes...

Kitties are better in sets of two!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Trivia!

Today was "lunch with the girls day" and it was so much fun! We met in our little town and had lunch and then wandered across the street for coffee...very relaxing and good for the soul! I love these two girlfriends!

Now I am lounging with books and iPad and PaperWhite and kitties...pwhile Den mows and mows and mows...the lawn!

Reading this...I have not formed an opinion yet...

Also reading this...I read this one on my PaperWhite when I wake up wired at 2:00 ish in the's really good! A lovely cozy English mystery!

So...I am out of my "go to lunch" clothes and in a comfy tee and's hot again here today...and the girls are close by...I think Lucy is in shock and Roxie is so happy that Lucy is allowing this coziness! I am going to read as long as I can!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mundane Monday!

Monday...sets the tone for my week.

Den is home all week long! Yahoo...I think! We are not taking any of our mini trips this
week...we are filling it with mundane stuff! Driver's license renewals, flu shots, Costco, yard work, nails, hair, walks! But...sometimes mundane stuff is fun! But...most of the time it is not so much fun!


I read these over the week end...I have been reading so much this weekend ( because of football ) I can't remember if I chatted about this book which was a surprise, a delight, and had an amazing plot! I loved this book! Loved it! It was so good it's worth another mention! So good!

I can't believe that I read two books about painting in a row but this one was good, too!

This one? A German translation about vamps and vamp hunters but it was not wonderful...sigh!

Reading this far? Really interesting...takes place in the 40's and it just dawned on me that it's about painting, too! What is up with me and painting? to shop!

This is dinner! A turkey taco salad from...The Kitchn! made me hungry for this!

Happy Monday!