Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday's Wonders!

This book was so good! It was a lovely English mystery set at a time when people went to Brighton and stayed in great seaside inns and dressed for dinner and danced after dinner! I loved this book starring...Amory Ames...sort of a hot British Miss Marple! This should be a series! She has a "gigolo" husband, Milo, and she solves mysteries...she is an upper class sleuth! I loved this book!

Reading this Russian fantasy now and I love it, too! It's written by the author of's sad but there is humor! I love a little humor mixed in with sadness! It's so much fun!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

After ordering our life yesterday...not really...I spent a rainy afternoon finishing this chunkster...when I first wanted to read it...I thought it would be a simple fantasy about a retelling of Rapunzel but it was so much more than that! Three stories...over a span of 200 years and beginning in the mid 1600' was about Charlotte-Rose de la Force...a writer who was banished to a nunnery. Then we have Margherita...the actual Rapunzel character banished to a tower. And last...there is La Strega...the prostitute/ witch who put Margherita in the tower because she needs her blood to stay youthful. All three women have a connection...

Actually after reading this book I think that being a prostitute was the number one occupation for women in the 1600's...yikes...with being a witch coming in at a close second. This book was extremely good and actually did not feel like a fantasy at all most of the time.

A total switch for me today with this one...a lovely British mystery!

And then back to a fantasy next!

That's my Tuesday! Have a good one!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Mayhem!!!

Well...mayhem in the sense of putting the house back in order...tidying, cleaning, laundry, dusting, vacuuming...the little things that need to be done to make me feel content! I have kitty toys in every room! Lucy and Roxie both love stuffed tiny toys that they toss, pickup, and move into every room.

And then I need to finish this...a sort of historical fantasy...but I love books that start out with ONCE UPON A's supposed to be loosely based on the fairy tale Rapunzel! Yum!

Although I really want to order my mayhem...I am still sipping coffee, watching Doctor Who, reading blogs and not really moving. Den is at the office today so I have the entire day to fix the mayhem.

New books...lovely new books...

Happy Monday! Do you usually order your own mayhem on a Monday or on another day?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday's Schedule!

Newspapers are tossed aside and we are watching SNL...the first new show of the season...our quilts and blankies are out and we are ready for the day...which includes football, Doctor Who ( hopefully ) and popcorn!


Reading this now...

Read this was so good! I actually had to stop and google the main character to see if I was reading a biography! I did discover that the main character was loosely based on Edie artist who also died really young.

Whoopsie...we splurged this morning and had Northbrook Farms Apple Cider Doughnuts...a fave in our area...they make chocolate covered, too...Den was supposed to bring home only four...hmmmm...

Want a doughnut?

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday's Style!!!

Why am I looking at coats when we have the AC on...again?

But I love these!

From Urban Outfitters! Little Red Riding Hoodie in Plaid! Love it!

Love this one!

Finished reading this...

Next this...

It has two different covers...

That's it for me!

Happy Saturday!