Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh My Goodness!

Love this book! It's just written so beautifully. It's fun yet has a nice edge to it. I did not think I would love it but I already love Cara...Poppy...her dog...and Bert! Love the fact that it's in Charleston...and about flowers...and there are even some mean girls tossed in...can't wait to get back to it!

Today...I emptied one dresser of "girly stuff"...all those underthings that used to be so frilly but now are more Spanxish...lol...and put all of that dresser's contents into the new TV stand dresser drawers...two big huge deep drawers filled with girly underthings! Perfect!

Roxie is watching Den sort through his boy underthings...too funny! Love organizing!

We are relaxing at home today...I am making this for dinner...a yummy roasted pieces of chicken in the oven dinner. I found this recipe on a site called myfridgefood.com. A whole cut up chicken is roasted in small amounts of soy sauce and brown sugar and red wine vinegar and olive oil. I love recipes that involve one pan, pushing the pan into the oven and then it's magically done!

Photo by: AlwaysButter.com

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Smooth As Silk! Almost!

Ta da! The furniture moves proceeded like a well oiled machine. Den only had to zip to Sears once...he needed a really long screwdriver and then out to Radio Shack later for an HDMI cable. The only changes we made were to not put the chest in the family room. I love it upstairs and I love my red bench coffee table in the family room even more.

The girls happily inspecting the new peely chippy TV stand. Excuse the fan...our bedroom has vaulted ceilings and while the rest of the house is freezing...our room at night is so hot even with a night time setting of 67 degrees...we probably should do something about this but we get lazy...

Everything is now kitty approved! Hurray!

Finishing this...it's good but I don't love it...I mean I do love it but it's not surprising me enough...does that ever happen to you? With a book?

Off to clean something...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


This book is amazing...I have been sort of hot and cold about her Maisie Dobbs books...I read them out of order and that frustrates me. I truly hesitated over this one but ultimately fell in love with it. The Great War, two best friends, farm workers, an unfriendly horse...an incredibly mean Sergeant Knowles...and an unfreakingbelievable ending. I cried and cried and then told the entire book to Den. But this book is so intense and real and beautiful. Kezia and Thea go to school together and become teachers together but Kezia falls in love and marries Thea's brother Tom. This bothers Thea who has leaned towards women's rights and being a suffragette and being independent. She is both jealous and disdainful of Kezia at home on the farm. Kezia...has the soul and spirit of an angel. Her letters about cooking to Tom at the front...are shared and enjoyed by all of Tom's platoon. Eventually Kezia works the farm just the way Tom did. Again...this is the most beautiful book...truly I tense yet so lovely!

We are relaxing with the New York Times...then we have to get my new peely chippy white dresser/new bedroom TV stand out of the back of Den's SUV. Yikes! But first here is the plan!

Big cabinet in our room gets emptied of clothes and the old TV.

The old TV goes into a guest room.

TV in that guest room goes to the basement for now.

Big cabinet gets moved to another bedroom. Yikes!

Seaman's chest in the now big cabinet room comes down to the family room to be the new coffee table.

Existing antique red milking bench which was the coffee table goes to the far bedroom upstairs...that's the room with all of my bags, clothes, etc. it's the room Roxie and Lucy and I love best.

Den and Patty go to the SUV and get new peely chippy white dresser and bring it into the house, up the stairs and into our room.

Patty agonizes over picture placement.

Den installs new TV...hopefully...

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Prints!

I saw these on Book Riot. The lovely Cassandra Neace is responsible for sharing these...you can take a photo of your books or bookshelf and get fabric made from it! I am going to do that with one of my shelves! The site that makes the fabric is called Spoonflower! I tried some and it's so easy!

Lucy and Roxie fabric? Hmmmmm...love it!

Still reading this...it's really a lovely book...there is a war raging and two women besties are growing apart...this book is filled with beautiful writing.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Den is home! He is taking off next week and we are going to have a week of fun...other then trim painting, island painting, vet appointments for both girls, delivery of our new generator, and replanting some really dead flowers! Plus we need to clean, and dust and wipe down wood floors and trim...a fun fun week! Oh boy! I could have done lots of this stuff this week when he was away all week but I wanted to save some fun for Den!

Plus...we wanted a bigger flat screen for our bedroom BUT we have a cabinet in our bedroom that the tv fits in...BUT...Den measured wrong or wasn't thinking straight...or something and the new TV is far too long for the cabinet so we are going to go to my fave place...and look for a peely whitish dresser something or other to place it on! So excited! I love buying peely white furniture! Love it!

Reading this...it is so good! I enjoy this author's Maisie Dobbs books but this one is a stand alone with different characters...it is really really lovely to read!

Happy Friday!