Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Never Read What I Think I Am Going To Read...

Just finished this was the sweetest book that I have read in a long long time. is my teaser...Caroline is at a PTO meeting. The President of the PTO makes a comment about how people who don't volunteer enough should personally thank those people who do volunteer. Caroline's remark...or rather single totally out of character with her quiet demeanor. But she stands up and says this very bad...very very bad word anyway. The rest of this book is priceless and takes her on a road trip back to issues with her high school bestie. I loved it!

Now I am reading this. It's intense, mysterious, and sad.
See? My thoughts of reading fantasy have literally disappeared! It's what I do best...decide to do something and minutes later decide not to do it!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random Images...

A flight of local brews....

What I should be reading but I am craving fantasy...
I think they missed me!
Atlantic City...
We love Saint Michael's...Den loves these...I do not!
Homemade treats!
In front of the Maritime Museum..,
The town! You can bike every where! Lovely quiet streets!
The End!














Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Friends? No Way!

We have been home for a few hours now...we are showered, refreshed and searching for something for dinner...I just put two huge baking potatoes in the oven...that will be dinner.

We spent last night in a lovely B&B in Saint Michael's...we went out to dinner, read, walked, shopped...we were gone a total of two days...and the girls are totally ignoring us! This is sort of typical...they have a different routine with their sitter...we actually set up a playroom in the sunroom for them. Tunnels, scratchers, race tracks, ping pong balls! We even had a camera upstairs on their beds...

Mostly we saw Lucy napping...And Roxie staring at...not sure what.

So...while we we having dinner we were cross table talking with another couple...but just know how that is...well...we ended up sitting with them after dinner because they asked and we did not want to hurt their feelings and we chatted but today we realized that the husband just talked at us and went on and on about his life and we were kind of a captive audience...we really are too nice! We ask people questions and we listen but clearly most people want to just talk about themselves!

Then at breakfast today we were stuck with another couple who were sweet but again just went on and on and on about them!!! Doesn't anyone stop to listen or to even ask about others? Or do people just need this endless nonstop chatter about themselves? Oh my! Seriously...Den and I are so careful not to hurt people's feelings the end result was we spent our time listening to strangers drone on and on! I think we need to start to be meanies! But this always happens to is as if we are magnets for talkers...long winded non stop talkers...sigh! And...they always have just one more story!

I did not read much was truly tired! But the kitties got a good report card! Hee hee!

More about books tomorrow!






Monday, August 31, 2015

Back In The Groove...Sort Of...

I love coming back to my blog...refreshed after the week end! And...over this week end I read this book. Total fantasy...a wizard takes a girl from her village every ten years...she is returned unharmed but different. And in this instance the most unlikely messy girl is chosen by this wizard...with the most amazing consequences. I loved this book. It's scary, brilliant, even a bit sexy at times and totally captivating. The wizard and the girl have to keep The Wood at bay. This forest takes people! It is sooooo good! I could not stop reading it! And when people are taken? You don't want to know what happens...or do you? I put off reading this book because I hated the silly of me!


We saw Gregg Allman this week end. He was delightful!
So we were in Atlantic City for our concert the Borgata Hotel. It is such a weird place...we come here occasionally for concerts...we stay overnight...our routine is this...we get there...have dinner at Izakaya...brush our teeth...see the concert...go to bed...have Starbucks coffee and a bagel and juice and a banana for breakfast and we are on our way home!
View from our room...
Today we opted to spend the night in Saint a neat little inn...
The rooms are lovely...we can walk every where...we spent an hour this afternoon tasting little glasses of beer from a tiny little local brewery. Soon we are off to dinner...
I think I will start this...
But I am not sure. Maybe one of these? I will decide after dinner!
Off to dinner...I miss my girls!





Friday, August 28, 2015

Skipped Thursday And Jumped Right To Friday!

I didn't post my blog yesterday! I started my post on my iPad mini...then had to charge it and totally forgot about posting it...also I thought my blog in progress would show up on my big iPad so that I could finish it there..but it didn't...a little blog glitch.

Wednesday was Hair Day. Our one hour one minute trip to Skippack, PA. It's another quaint Pennsylvania town filled with cute shops, restaurants and our salon which is in the old Skippack post office. Notice the brick walls...

Our appointments were at 2:15 and we weren't finished until 5:30...our drive back took almost two hours...traffic...we were exhausted and hungry but well coiffed...heeheehee!
I got about three inches cut hair was way too see my line of gray? That's the closest my stylist can get to my scalp...she literally foils my color in...then I use Madison Reed brush on root stuff to make the grays go really works well...I have not done the other side in this photo. I had no reaction at all...and a great night's sleep due to Benadryl.
The weather has been so beautiful here. Yesterday I set the deck up for outside reading...kitty tent , comfy pillows in the kitty tent , my really great book...and then for the next hour I was up and down...Lucy did not seem to want to go out so I put Roxie in the tent and settled down with my book. In minutes I heard Lucy screaming to come I got her, put her in the tent where Roxie jumped on her and they both started fighting...not real fighting...fake kitty irritating fighting...Lucy always thinks that she should not have to be in the tent...she wants to sit in the big chair but if I allow that Roxie paces and cries from the tent because she wants to be in the big chair, too, and neither of them are allowed to be free on the deck...sigh...kitties can be complicated! It's almost impossible to ignore them because Lucy screams and Roxie chirps and I can't relax. If I put them both in and sit outside by myself they still see me from the sunroom...they climb up on the kitchen counter and look out the window...I can't hear them but I can see their little mouths moving plaintively...sigh! These two are never far from my side...
Me? Me? Scream?
Roxie is far too busy checking out coffee cups to fight with Lucy! Ha!
I love this book but it feels as though I have even reading it forever! But it's so good...a missing child investigation that is just getting more and more complex...the writing is beautiful...chilling...sad...I suspect everyone!
So...I am out of here until Monday! I check blogs and comment on yours but I love not blogging on my weekends!