Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One More Thing...

With only barely one more day to go until the installation of our new AC...our old one totally quit last all four of us one last steamy night without any cooling air. The kitties were camped out at the base of the fan and the entire night was hot and humid and miserable. I just want to get through today! We have headaches, we are hot and my house is an invasion of workers. I am stuck upstairs in our room with the kitties...


This not as yummy as I thought it would be. Unless my brain is addled by seems to be awkwardly written...Phoebe is a 14 year old with issues...she cuts...but the mix of the parents lives in this book is just odd. I am adding it to my list of failed choices. Sigh! there is no fun...there is just enduring...hours without electricity...Internet, TV...a pretty much miserable day but hopefully by mid afternoon...there will be cooled chilled air! We wanted out of this house before we had to do such luck!

I have no clue what to read next...if anything...I am so hot and miserable I can't even think!




Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Lackluster Reading Cycle Continues!

Again...for some odd reason I am attracting a swarm of then and now books...and this one does it without even letting the reader know...I loved this cover but could not even finish this book. Sigh!


I almost think I need to take a week long break away from reading. I am not even sure that's possible but I am not enjoying books lately...or rather my choices. Double sigh! I am reading far so's about being the perfect mother. Hopefully no flashbacks...



A happy thing in my family is that I have two nieces who are sisters who have just had their first babies about a week apart from each other. The sad thing is that almost everyone in my family lives in a different state from each other!

The other sad thing is that the mom of my two nieces died a few months ago. Sad...very sad!

But...Olive and Angelo! Welcome to our world!

It's a nasty dreary day here today...Den is frustrated because he can't work outside and he can't work in the basement because we have to have it clear for tha AC change over...tomorrow...sigh! I think I am going to read and watch Big Brother After's stupid but distracting.




Monday, June 27, 2016

I Spoke Way Too Soon...

I feel really badly for the mouse...but even though he did chew the wires...our AC stopped working again later that keeps throwing the circuits because the compressor is dying so...a new AC will be installed this week...better cooler stronger! And we can stop running down to the basement every three hours! Yeah!

I kind of had my own little reading marathon this week...with these!

Really good...
Totally creepy! I will never eat any form of jerky ever again!


Reading this now...

I have got to stop allowing covers to overpower my book choices.

Plus Amazon Vine lures me in with all of their book choices just ripe for the choosing! I need to make myself stop for a and review my Vine deadline books and maybe choose less?

Sort of a summer break?

Have an awesome day!





Friday, June 24, 2016

That Darn Mouse!

This little guy is the reason the AC kept turning off all week! Morvent came in talking about how this kind of shut off was usually the sign of a bad compressor...Den and I are thinking...drats...we need a new AC...but we are running again for now. This little guy chewed up all the connecting wires!

Then...we are always careful with the kitties when workers are in...but Den got distracted and Roxie was in the basement with our repair man! We don't allow her down there ever...there are boxes and plastic and everything she loves to chew, swallow and choke on! So I have no clue what is in her tummy!

Reading this but I am not really that into might be time for a fantasy adventure!


Take care..have a great week end...see you on Monday!




Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hot Days, Rainy Days And AC Switches!

This has been a rough week...Den has been in Milwaukee...and of course when he is away I have to do everything here... trash, kitty maintenance...and running up and down to flick the AC switch...I haven't cleaned or really done anything extra...kitty maintenance is involved and I have not been playing with Roxie enough. I don't fuss enough when I give them their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They look at me as if to say...what? No song? No dance? No candles? They miss the way Den feeds them! He tracks e

very can he feeds them so that they don't eat the same food in a day...I have been grabbing cans without looking at them...the way they look at me is priceless!

Reading's about a musician who takes a job as a nanny and then something life changing happens.

Hoping Den makes his flight through all of the storms happening today!