Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Wicked Wednesday!

Den has been away on the girls and I have been relaxing, playing, reading, and totally eating things like toast for dinner...we lounge longer...we haven't been doing laundry...we keep the TV on loud way into the night...we sleep across the big bed and use all eight pillows...and more stuff like that...although yesterday for dinner...I had sautéed Chilean Sea Bass and steamed organic good! Whole Foods has an aisle with freshly diced, sliced, vegetables that are perfect for two people...when I am lazy I grab some.

I marinated the fish in a teriyaki sauce and then just tossed it in a pan...yum! Roxie and Lucy each had a tiny bite...but declined the steamed

But Den will be home soon and I want to tidy everything and make him a yummy dinner.

I think I am going to try's a Slab Apple Pie. I am not good at making crust...I hate peeling apples...but I am determined. This one is from Brown Eyed Baker.

Wish me luck?

And I am finally getting to Damn Delicious's Easy Ramen...easy peasy!

Reading this...a good old police's really good!

That's my's rainy and kind of windy here...hopefully Den's flight will be on time....

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

I didn't walk now I feel does Roxie...but...I had a million other things to do and it is about to rain...tomorrow we will walk double blocks...maybe we will even try wandering over to the other block...we will run through the geese and have an entirely new adventure!

Finally finished is so good but it is not a definitely have to read the first two and they are massive books...filled with Matthew's vampire family and Diana's witch family...I think these books must be historical fantasies...I loved every word!

Now I am about to sit on the the family room...under a cozy throw...with a kitty on either side of me! This is what I will be reading whilst I watch Masterpiece Theatre...inspector Lewis! Tea will be brewed, too!

That's all I have!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday!!! Menus And More!!!

It's really really really coldish here this week! I want to make all of these "sorta stick to your ribs" suppers this week!

This is an Enchilada Bake from a new blog I love called Damn Delicious! See those little puffy bites? They are buttermilk biscuits! Little pieces of dough that you fold in and then bake in the oven!

Roasted cauliflower soup from Serious Eats...I bought the most beautiful local cauliflower for this!

Acorn Squash...simple and savory from Simply Recipes!

Homemade Ramen! This is another one from Damn Delicious...the recipe is so simple and there is only good stuff in this soup! Den can't wait for this one!

Books! NetGalley...I have total mad love for you! New babies this week!

Curses, castles, bloodlines and the day the main character Sarah falls in love...she will turn into a beast...unless the curse is broken. This sounds so YA good to me!

Every citizen gets a score that determines life or death...high score wins...low face the Hybrids outside of the city...oh me oh my!

A mystery thriller...which involves "a vicious power struggle involving greed, envy, ambition and tangled family relationships." OMG...there is nothing that I love more!

An English mystery where the crime shocks an entire village! Oh boy! I am a huge fan of village shocking crimes!

This book is described as "every parent's nightmare"...that phone call that you don't want to get in the middle of the night that changes lives forever...

That's it for me! Enjoy your day!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stuff!

We were out of apples!!! We were out of milk!!! We needed bread!!!

And...because of where we live...everything was at three different places but all of them really truly close by!

Seriously! we went...

First to Bernard's for apples, local honey, local everything! I got the most beautiful tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and a massive lovely local cauliflower!

Then to visit the cows, goats and sheep at Bailey's Dairy Of Distinction! I petted everyone! Plus we chatted with Bernard...who owns this farm...he was going to retire and sell until his daughter talked him into is a beautiful place! We buy butter and eggs and cheeses and ice this farm! to the French Bread Ladies...all we needed was a lovely loaf of bread but their flag was down...which meant no bread or no bread had to go to Giant! Sigh!

Now we are home...reading papers, watching football, relaxing with kitties!

Finishing is really good and makes me wish I would have read the first one...

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Simply Saturday!!!

I could not resist asking the awesome vet techs to get a photo of Lucy in her goggles. She has to wear them when she gets her laser treatments.

And...then a friend sent me this photo stating that Lucy has a very steampunky look!

Oh my!

This one is called The Observer by Winardi and it's at a blog called Steampunk's a Victorian Steampunk Kitty!

Normal Saturday routine today...leave raking and lawn mowing! Absolutely nothing for dinner and no all! Winging it...

Reading's by the same author who wrote The Summer Of Dead's really good!

Happy Saturday!

I made the mistake of sitting down for a moment and now my lap is filled with I have a break before vacuuming! Hurray!