Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This book! It is sooooo good but it is making me crazy! The premise is that as readers...we get to see three...I think three but now I am not certain...different scenarios unfold for the same three people...perhaps that's where the three came from? Eva and David...Eva and Jim...then Eva and David and their daughter Sarah and then Eva And David and their daughter that four? The book is awesome but I am starting to not enjoy this many different outcomes...of course I could be overly sensitive to this book because I can't even decide if I want my beach house or not!


I am still crazy over bowl foods! Just take a look at these! Plus now I feel the need to acquire some new bowls! I have tons of white ones but I want some earthy clay ones...

From Nutrition Stripped...

From The Kitchn...
From Andie Mitchell...


Still talking, chatting, dreaming, thinking about keeping this house...which we love...and having a small beach place barely two hours away!

These two have not cast their vote yet. I think Roxie is trying to sway Lucy into a yes long as the litter box is in the right spot!
Off to prep a bowl food lunch!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What I Learned Just Yesterday...

Our conversations about where we want to live and what we want to do continue. We debate, we fact hunt, we fact check, we research.

We will return to the beach next week. The only reason we are not going this week is because of the constant pounding rain!

So...what I learned is...actually what I relearned is...I am a horrible decision maker...even with all of the facts in front of me!

I also learned that after such a hopeful start...SMOKE by Dan really dreary for me. It began with a bang and ended with a thud!

I also relearned that I really love historical fiction. This one is about Samuel Beckett. It encompasses the invasion of Paris during WWII. Samuel Beckett was there with James Joyce. It highlights Samuel Beckett's life there and his work with the Underground. It's been ridiculously good.

I relearned that Lucy loves watermelon. Den was eating a bowl of precision sliced squares of the most amazing "first" Florida watermelon and Lucy made him share. Roxie could care less...she likes her protein. She is walking away in disgust!

Yesterday I was surprised by this book from Random House and NetGalley...

From Amazon...

"A captivating debut novel for readers of Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You and Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep—The Most Dangerous Place on Earth unleashes an unforgettable cast of characters into a realm known for its cruelty and peril: the American high school."

OMG...I seriously can not wait to read this!

Today I am reading this...


And this...

Cleaning today since I did nothing constructive yesterday except read!




Monday, May 2, 2016

Oh My Those Beauty Filled Books!

What better thing to do on a rainy Monday ( when I am on my own ) than look at all of my yummy luscious amazing new books! And try to figure out how and when I am going to read them all!

Here they are!


The Sudden Appearence Of Hope

Tell Us Something True

Julia Vanishes


The Memory Book

Tuesday Night's In 1980


Alice And Oliver

Just a big old assortment of YA and Grown Up books!

I read the most fascinating book over this rainy weekend.

It was about George Eliot and was really interesting!

What an odd woman she was!

And now I am wrapped up in another odd yet strangely fascinating book.

It opens at a boys school for elite and wealthy young men. Smoke sort of slithers out of them if they are less than good and they are punished for this...sounds weird but it's kind of good!

Off to read for a bit but I have a really good Columbo on in the background.

Have a great day!



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Friday, April 29, 2016

A Strange Week...

I know that I have written about the quaint little town that I grew up in before. We walked or biked to everything. We had parades and festivals. I will forever remember playing kick the can in the tree lined street in front of our house or watching fireworks on my front steps or meeting friends in the park. The only French fries I will ever crave are the vinegar soaked ones that the firemen made at the annual July 4th festival.

People that I grew up with still live there. If they left they somehow come back either to visit or to stay. It's the home to at least three different churches. At one time classmates of mine were teachers at either the grade school, middle school or high school. It's a mix of old houses that are filled with built ins, French doors and hardwood floors. There is a newer section of homes, too, and I think my sister told me that every build able piece of land is now gone. I am certain that there are towns like this all over the country. But this one will forever be in my heart.


This week three people who at one time lived on my street died. All of them hold a special place in my heart.

Mr. Andy Bozin...this is what his son wrote about his death...

Subject: Lt A.J. Bozin - RIP

"about 21:50 hours Tuesday April 19, 2016, Andy powered up for a short field takeoff and pulled back on the yoke under divine guidance and lifted off skyward for his last flight."

Mr. Bozin would toss all of us in his car and take us fishing and then out for ice cream. My parents loved him.

Mrs. Byers...

this is what her son wrote...

"My Dears Patty and Dennis, Mom is now Free!

God Bless her, at 94—Katherine was lucid and conversant. She went in her Sleep; 20 minutes after the last of us left, after visiting. Prayers answered... Mom was tired. She just wanted to Sleep.

My Sister in Law, Jan asked her how she was feeling. Mom made a flying Bird with her Right Hand, and said... "Like an Angel of God."

She has many Angels to keep her Company... and Fans on Earth."

Mrs. Byers was my mom's church friend and mom to the four Byers Boys.

And then Cynthia...Cynthia Lee Streeter...

Yesterday a friend called to tell me my that my next door neighbor died. She no longer lived in our town...she lived in Alaska and then Spokane...she had children and a grandchild. She produced educational documentaries. She allowed me to tag along after her and her best friend when I was little. I always thought she was kind and really patient with me. In my eyes she was worldly and brave. My parents gave her the French doors from our dining room when she was building a house in Alaska. She wanted a part of our town with her always. We recently shared emails and connected again. In high school she was always the lead in plays and productions. She was like no one else I knew. She tossed aside her small town roots and amazed all of us.

Life can be sad.





Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Much Better Day!

I know it's vanity. I know it's ridiculous. But I am just not ready to have gray hair yet. I think I am doomed because my mom had lustrous silvery hair until the day she died. I have her hair. Not white yet but enough grays popping in to freak me out totally. And even though my salon uses a special organic color for me...if it touches my scalp I will have a reaction...and it's not pretty. incredible stylist...foils every section of my hair...not a drop touches my scalp. And she even supervises the rinsing and washing. She has it down perfectly. I take a Benedryl before I go but I still end up with a teeny headache. It's weird. But it's working. For now. And I drag out the time in between we go every 8 weeks...and there are cool things to use to cover gray roots. This one is amazing. It has a tiny sponge in the bottom and you pat light roots away!

Started them both...June is so beautifully written I can't stand it.

Hey everybody! It's Pasta Thursday!

We are having this for dinner. Everything is cooked in one pan...baked in the oven! Thank you, Chelsea from Chelsea's Messy Kitchen! It is very cool here today...we need some warm pasta. I have local sauce and spinach and kale and broccoli rabe turkey sausage for this pasta dish! Doesn't this look amazing? And again only one pan!

I am out of here! I am so happy to be at home all day today after yesterday!