Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh My!

This started out so good but then...once some of the chapters started being written in sort of an interview form...I got...well...I got bored! So I read the last third of it without really loving it. I enjoyed the present day chapters more than the in the past ones. I guess it is sort of a "factional" book about Gladys Spencer-Churchill who was real and quite odd! She did the first Pond's Cold Cream ad but she also had paraffin injected into her nose...which apparently dropped into her chin...and left her with a distorted face! I can't even believe I know this but I googled her!

Starting this but I am afraid...very afraid...I did not love her last one!
I want these two books and so far...they elude my bookish little hands! Why oh why? The Arrangement was offered to me and I did not respond fast enough...now I can't get it...sigh!
Still thinking about goats...these are Willowsford goats being moved...probably to munch another lawn! Or two?
Thanksgiving digestives? These look lovely but I can easily be swayed by interesting bottles. There was a pink beer bottle on FB yesterday...I would have bought that in a heartbeat...heeheehee!
New stuff...
The girls love my new German Flannel Soft Duvet Cover from Garnet Hill...they have given up their own little heated beds for ours! They snuggle down into the duvet with dreamy little looks on their little kitty faces! Sigh!
Off to clean and prep this messy house!
Have a great day!



Monday, November 23, 2015


So...the Sunday Morning Show yesterday had a segment about "agrihoods"...and now Den and I want to live in one...we think...because we truly have no direction right now other than exploring places and going to lunch...more on lunch in a sec...

The two most interesting ones for us are just outside Atlanta and one in Loudon County, Virginia.

Nature trails, hiking, living around farms, biking, walking...these activities all appeal to us. These communities are truly interesting. We are going to try to get to Willowford...the one in Virginia...soon...it's only about three hours away.

I love these townhouses in the agrihood called Serenbe outside of Atlanta...

Love this kitchen...in that townhouse...
But I also love these houses in Willowford Farms in Virginia.
Love this kitchen...in the top house...
Just one more aspect of our quest to find the perfect place to live. We really are not staying here.
The 12 agrihoods in the article I linked to are built on land conservancies...houses are varied, there are shops and restaurants, but everything is built around farms and preserving land and growing food. In one of them you can even rent goats to mow your lawn! I love it!
So...we will explore more! And more! And more!
So...today we drove to Lancaster again to get my last quilted quilt. I just can't believe I had these quilt tops unfinished just a few months ago! It's very happy in the guest room.
Lunch! A restaurant that is local and popular and that we totally forgot about!
We had yummy salads...
We did not have their signature dessert...we are regretting that now.

Every restaurant near us has this same look...

Reading and really loving this! A mother, a daughter, a trip to England, secrets and an unraveling mystery! This book has it all...
Up next...
Off to read!



Friday, November 20, 2015

All Mixed Up!

For some reason...well...I kind of think I know the reason...I thought yesterday was Friday...I think because Den always works on Friday and in my head he was coming home from work even though he was flying in from a trip...anyway...here I am!

So...Den was exhausted and literally fell asleep as soon as we went upstairs...so today we really did nothing...we went out to lunch...had yummy lunches...then had apples and cheese for dinner. We have wanted to try a new micro brew near us...Victory Brew Pub...it was great...really great beers and yummy food!

Den's Fish & Chips...

My steak and frites...this is the first red meat I have had in about ten days...it was soooo good! That's not butter...it's some kind of melting sauce.
The Guinness-like beer Den had. I had one made of Mango Hops but it was really yummy!
We thought about going to their Beer Dinner! But on second thought...I drink one glass...one small glass of beer occasionally...I will never be able to drink that much beer! Yikes!
Reading this..it's good and scary and all about Demons vs Angels plus it even has some historical fiction tossed in! I did not know that Marilyn Monroe was an expert at working her way through the tunnels of the Carlisle Hotel in NYC to meet JFK for you know what! Itzy Nash...main character...is sent to live at the Carlisle with her Aunt Maude...but where is Aunt Maude? And why are there so many flies in Aunt Maude's apartment? It's so good!
I will read this next...during college football and during the RedZone!
My poor very tired boy...
My iPad watching Roxie...
My sleeping elder kitty Lucy...
I love when we are all safe and sound.
See you Monday! Do you have big weekend plans?


Thursday, November 19, 2015


I finished this book and I have very unsettled thoughts about it. It's the story of a family...and a political story, too...about the father's involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. Oliver North is even in this book. Drama, dysfunction and characters I did not particularly care for. Sigh!

I think I am going to start this...no reason...no rhyme...it just looks good!
Den is on his way home...from the wilds of Minnesota...again. He is involved in some extra projects at work so he will be working quite a bit more for a while. I am exhausted from doing everything by myself...it's like when I was teaching and he was working in Norway and I would have second graders all day and come home to the girls and chores and no help at the day's end! He will be exhausted all weekend, too. Right now I just want him to do the three litter boxes and empty the dishwasher. Sigh!
So...our weekend is wide open right now...probably very low key...but that's ok with us...Den will need a quiet weekend and salads and vegetables. I think his dinners this week revolved around big thick steaks...so...a cleansing is required...heeheehee!
I have just fallen in total love with this top...the trousers not so much...
And with these weird boots...
And this sandwich...from Simply Delicious...
And this quilt...from Jan Patek Quilts...
These little baby pies from Oh Sweet Basil...
And these kitties...from my house...heeheehee...that is my lap and my furry throw but we share...Lucy always has to be in first position...
I am off to read Divah and do one puzzle from Magic Puzzles and watch Once Upon A Time and wait for Den...


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Wednesday Mix!

It was kind of gloomy/windy/chilly today and although it was supposed to warm up and the local weatherman insisted that the sun would be shining...it was still a gloomy day!

New books! Thank you Edelweiss!!!

From what I have read...this is supposed to be a really deep psychological thriller and one of the books to watch for in 2016!

" Nature, family, tragedy, discovery..."love books like this!
From Amazon..."Eloise meets Rosemary's Baby in New York City’s very own Carlyle hotel." Love books like this!

Reading but seriously not loving this...
I want a faux fur infinity scarf!
Roxie is experimenting with our newest cat toy...it's called a Ripple Rug! It's like a kitty playground...Roxie pops her head out of the holes...I believe it's not dignified enough for Lucy so she seems to watch Roxie in amusement.
Ok...I am off to try to get into my book!