Friday, January 30, 2015

BRRRRR...'s cold out we snow...just frigid temps!

We are eating soups and tons of warmish drinks! Totally hooked on Starbuck's Flat White!

Just bought this...I love making soups but I want to make soups in small is my answer! I don't want unidentifiable frozen lumps in my freezer! Massive soup quantities...gone...hopefully! This book is getting great reviews, too!

I have to mention this book one more is just wondrous! It has just enough charming orphans, hungry charming orphans, evil self proclaimed princes...that would be Prince Nightshade, trolls...monsters...that would be pint sized Moosh-Moosh...kind and caring witches, evil sirens, cool banshees and sweet evil mean real delight us all! I am still thinking about it. And a pocket sized Scottish watch named McClintock...loved that little guy!

Reading this now...

Off to vacuum! Ugh! Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

All Done With The Blues...The Blue Books, Of Course!

Finished...reviewed...loved...such a wondrous, scary, delightful fantasy! Loved Mr. Grim! Loved Grubb with two b's! Loved Nigel and the Yellow Fairy and Mrs. Pinch...a witch! Loved the little pocket watch who could not tell time...middle graders should love this...a read aloud for littler kids? It's pretty perfect! Loved the illustrations...but...I love this kind of book...always!

This one, too, was wonderful...special...surprising! Sad, too, but the writing? Beautiful!

On to new in the stash...these two...back to the real world in a dysfunctional way...of course!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Déjà Vu...Vet Day Two...

Today we went back to the vet on the right day and the right time. Lucy was upset...of course...Roxie wanted to come...she doesn't like being home else she just liked the idea that Lucy was trapped in her carrier.

Almost finished with these...again...both are soooo good. I really love A Sudden Light.
Plus I wanted to put up Garth Stein's photo again...

But this one is sooooo good, too. London, a little chimney sweep named Grubb...he is dirty and hungry but hopefully not for long...flying carriages...flying carriages!!! I love this book.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wrong Day...Right Time...

Ok...with all of the snow storm, gusty winds, losing power talk going on yesterday...we took Lucy to the vet on the wrong day...if a cat could give disdainful looks towards a person...Lucy Grace has mastery of this skill. Seriously...she has been yelling at me for at least 30 minutes as only a haughty Tonkinese well spoken kitty can! Plus we didn't even get any snow! I am now bribing her with salmon for her we have to take her again tomorrow...which is the right day. Sigh!

Poor sweet Roxie tried to reach out to her...and she yelled at Roxie, too. Tonks are very high maintenance!


Reading two blue books and both are soooooo yummy! Plus Garth Stein is kind of yummy, too! Oh my!

Off to read...have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday...We Are Waiting!

It feels as though we are waiting for lots of snow but our forecast continues to was supposed to be really bad this morning so I cancelled a dental's not even snowing. Some schools had a late start...others are getting out's so confusing. Some forecasters said 50 to 80 MPH winds...some said 20 to 25 MPH. We think we are on that weird boundary of bad, not that bad or really bad weather for tomorrow! Yikes!

So...we wait! I just pray that we don't lose matter what...we are never prepared. Sigh!


Just now finished this...loved every word of this small college town mystery. I loved the way each secret and lie and dysfunction and detail was revealed.

New books!

I read and loved the first book in this series.

Happy Monday! Are you in the snow storm zone? If so...oh my!