Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Morning!

Whew...a new week and I am again waiting for service people...hopefully today is the last day for a while...but I am stuck in the house all day long...we had workers in yesterday, too! I know...on Sunday! But we updated all of our DVR boxes and simplified our operating systems...all televisions have one remote...hurrah! We can see DVR'd stuff in any room on any TV...and the Xfinity 1 system is great...we are ready for guests! But yesterday involved lots of dusting and clean up...we were all so tired!

Finished this...a three novella intertwining book that was very good...set mostly in Provence...gardens, scents, perfumes and the Resistance...sad, too, but lovely.

Still reading this and reserving judgement...the 60's...integration...and funny charming over the top maids! This is on my Kindle so I read it at night when I wake up and can not get back to sleep!

Reading this in true book's pretty much YA wonderful...grabbed me from it's opening pages!

Some other new books...a mixture of under realms, Victorian London, middle age fun and murder! Yum!

And...the best news of all...Roxie Blue is back to normal! Her perky peppy kitty self!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What A Week!

This has been a week of vets, repairmen, mani/pedis, Roxie's vaccine reaction, appliance check ups, mild stress...and it's not over yet! Comcast has stuff to do on Sunday and the Bosch dishwasher guy...according to the service company these are hard to find... comes on Monday. I need a rest from service people. I need time to breathe! Plus I am all of a sudden waking up at 3:30 every morning...and when I get up Lucy and Roxie get up, too...usually I can read and fall back to sleep but sleep has escaped me the last few nights...this morning I wandered into a way back bedroom to watch TV and fall asleep...but both girls followed and play fought all over me for a while. Then they just kept on wandering back and forth from Den to me...waking me up...they like us all in our room I was trying to let Den sleep.

And...I have not read much yesterday or sad...
Almost finished with this...a YA thriller about life after WWIII but wait...there was no's been a lie!

Working on's still really good...

Off to watch Motive For Murder...I have a yen to make vegetable soup!

See you on Monday!

Friday, July 25, 2014


What a day! By 8:30 AM this morning we were back at the vet's with Roxie Blue who had a really bad reaction to her rabies shot. I knew when I woke up this morning and saw her still sleeping that something was wrong. She was lethargic, cried when we touched her hot little tummy, and just didn't move. She had fluids at the vet's and benedryl and another shot of something else...and back home to rest. She seems to be a little better now but I am still cautiously watching her. I am about to put cold compresses on her head! My poor baby! And I brought her a little plate of turkey baby food which she gobbled up!

Reading this...when I am not worried about's really fun and really good...a little girl is dropped off at her grandmother's house after the death of her father. Her father has been estranged from his mother. This book sort of reminds me of a combination of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and The Help. We have Liberty Bell, Vidrine, Fannie, Queenie and of key characters!

The rest of my day will be spent worrying and kitty watching!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Worrisome Day Today!

The girls have little check ups today...Roxie Blue needs her rabies shot...yikes! She is clueless about this one.

Lucy Grace has her 6 month healthy check up...blood work, blood pressure...OMG!

She is clueless, too, but will catch on quicker than Roxie...once we get the carrier out...Roxie sort of bounces through life as a happy two year old.

I love these two monkeys so much! I think they might love each other...just a teensie bit?

A few more new books trickled in from NetGalley!

This one just looks like fun!

I loved Lisa Jewell books years ago...I have not read her in a while but doesn't this look so good? It sings of family drama!

This is the Eleanor And Park author! to worry about the vet's test results...that actually haven't even happened yet...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Finished cute and fun that I was sad when it ended!

Started this...

"Flying Shoes, the delicious first novel from Lisa Howorth . . . [is] funny, character-driven storytelling with crackling dialogue."

~Shelf Awareness, starred review

Got these...

January Jones...of Mad Men supposed to star in this...

Happy Wednesday!