Monday, July 25, 2016


I think I am as mentally prepared as I can be. Surgery is tomorrow and my life as I know it is out of my hands for a bit...I am going to take a blogging break this week but Den will bring me my iPad daily and I will annoyingly post on your blogs. I am going to read books that are fun and light and nothing that I have to read. I will miss my girls but when Den isn't here the sitter will be.


I will miss our daily chats!




Friday, July 22, 2016

A Vanilla Malt?

That has to be just what the doctor ordered because Roxie ate my yogurt and it's no longer appealing.

So I want a vanilla malt! A soothing nourishing malt! A quick text to my man of steel and I should have one!

Reading's relaxing and good...I am really loving it!


Some new books...





Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Man Of Steel!

He does everything for us! Cups of tea, big glasses of ice water, breakfasts in bed, lunches and dinners in bed...even when I beg that I am not hungry! He drives me to appointments...he has even done my laundry! And so much more! Den will do anything and everything for his little family! He took Lucy for her xrays, he plays with Roxie nonstop and he is single handedly keeping this big house in order...sorta...heeheehee! He is even keeping the outdoor flowers blooming! He has watched at least 30 Murder She Wrotes with me, too!

What a guy!

All I can do is promise to return all of his kindnesses as soon as I can!

Reading this...very summery yummy!





Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not So Chipper, Not So Perky, not So Me!

Feeling totally zapped...I sit here and wonder where my energy has gone...where I have gone. I don't feel like going downstairs because it is exhausting to go back upstairs...that's my life today! So...I read and watch tv and think about how much fun I used to be. Just like my mom...I was a funny girl! I seem to have lost my funny!

I pray I can find it again!

Finishing Falling...but I still have the feeling I read this book before...

I might read this one next...

Or this new Flavia I was just sent! I love Flavia!

Or...this one...I seem to be reaching for sweet romantic books lately....except for Flavia!

Big hugs!


This is the way my girls surround me....


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'm Home!

I walked in the door showered washed my hair lay down on my bed and fell asleep. I seriously don't think I have slept this well since last Saturday morning. My job until next Tuesday is just to walk rest and stay strong.

I can't ever forget this experience and the kindnesses of so many people!

So this morning Den told me that Lucy fell off of her cat tree last night. She was limping and he didn't want to tell me! So as soon as I was settled he raced her to our vet...exrays, shots, meds, more laser therapy...she ended up with a deteriorating bone that was hit hard when she fell and is swollen and painful. But we already see more mobility!

Roxie is just thankful her family is intact for a few days...

My sweet sweet girls...

Books...I wanted to love this book...and I sort of do but my entire time reading it I felt as though I have read it many times before! What does that tell you about a book? Sigh!


We are off to bed soon...tons of dvr'd stuff to watch! And big fluffy pillows that smell like lavender...and a fluffy cover...and nothing attached to me! My arms look like I am a junkie! They had to use a baby gauge to stick me the last time...a baby gauge!