Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy! Double Triple Happy!

Today is an exciting day! I may get to sit in Weggieman's Parking Lot! We need carrot cake and fudgy chocolate cake and I need to go with Den to talk him into getting both. If all goes well I will get to sit in the parking lots of Target and Home Depot, too...two of my fave parking lots!

Prepare to yearn for cake! These are the best!

Yesterday when we were in the parking lot of Country Butcher my neighbor happened to be in Country Butcher, too. We had the best conversation in our car while Den shopped. We laughed...we caught up with each other's lives...of course I cried...I always cry but it was a good cry! It's an entire new chapter of my life called "parking lot conversations". I sit in my car and people come to me!



Yesterday I yearned for this book and today I got it! Thank you NetGalley and Flatiron Books! Thank you! This book promises to be screamingly dysfunctional! I can't wait! I think I am addicted to exclamation marks!!! And...three are much better than one...

Finished takes place in Hannibal, Missouri and alternates between Laura's life and facts shout Mark Twain and his writings. It was really good and sort of sad...because most of the people in Laura's life were poor and addicted to various drugs...and bad stuff followed them everywhere!

Now my real book is this one...

My ebook is still this one...

Up next for my ebook...hmmm...hopefully this one.


Tonight's dinner...and hopefully CAKE!

Have a great week end...stay warmish or coolish...see you Monday!





Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's Still Freezing! Seriously!

It is soooooo cold here. could feel really cold to me because it's been so warm! Our cherry tree flowered. Our other trees had buds! We almost planted purple pansies in our front porch flower pots. We were eating Florida strawberries and talking about putting furniture on the deck.

Sigh! No more of that silly talk for awhile...that's for sure! Bring on the soups, the stews, the chilis! My kitties won't even move from their snug beds. Sigh!

Has anyone seen this book out and about anywhere? Isn't there just something about it that calls to you? It certainly calls to me! Keeping my fingers crossed (and mittened) that it finds its way to me!

I am sort of craving this roasted cabbage from Simply Recipes...I love the way cabbage gets so sweet when it's roasted. I have a weird obsession with cabbage cole slaw and casseroles and sautéed. There's a noodle dish my mom used to make with big fat noodles and sautéed cabbage and sautéed onions and bacon...sort of homey and warming...I think I have to make it soon! But right now I want this!

Our beloved Country Butcher had a sign outside today for Turkey Hoagies...Den and I each got one for lunch...huge mistake...we should have split one but they were so delicious...sort of a gourmet hoagie...roasted turkey and dark green lettuces and fresh tomato and I guess whatever else you put on a hoagie but the hoagie roll was French good! Speared with toothpicks and packaged so they couldn't move or slide...and a huge pickle wrapped separately! Perfection...too bad we could only eat half!

But it was a yummy half! Perhaps hoagies for dinner?

I am off to crawl under covers somewhere and try to stay warm!




Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baby...It's Cold Outside! is freezing and lightly snowing here! It was necessary to warm up with soup for lunch! And our house still feels cold. Now we are sipping tea! All in an extreme effort to stay warm from the inside out!

I just made the warmest thing I could think of for dinner...homemade macaroni and cheese and fish sticks...a carry over from childhood that Den and I can't give up...only now it's wild caught and usually organic! Macaroni and cheese recipe is from Serious Eats...I love that site!



Reading this on my Kindle and it's still really yummy...

Out of the blue...sort of...reading this in real book's really good, too!

It's the only way I can read two books at a time!

Sipping tea and feeling warmer...




Tuesday, March 14, 2017

One More OMG!

I don't know what it's doing outside...I think it's raining and it's supposed to keep this up until 6:00. The local news channels have commandeered every channel with relentless chatter about the weather. How many times can you see the same intersection covered in this sleety mess? Now they insist on going block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood! I can't stand it any more...seriously! Ususally the TV is background noise for me but today it is simply annoying! The only good thing is that we still have power...but we have a long day ahead of us.

After being so excited about the book Small Hours...the minute I read the first page I realized I had already read my own defense it was an ebook with no cover! I rarely make a mistake like this but I think I read so much that sometimes it's bound to happen...especially when an edoc comes without the real book cover. The minute I read or rather reread the first page of Small Hours I wondered why there were two books with 3 year old twin girls going out to breakfast with their dad while the mother worked frantically to meet a deadline...and then it hit me...sigh! But at least the book sounded really good to me...twice!

Reading this...I will probably spend my day with it. I loved her first book...skipped her second one...and love this one. I needed a tart crisp apple yesterday because of it. It takes place in Wisconsin's Door County.

Finally feeling more like me...Neulasta hit my body hard this weekend...the only way to explain it is just a lack of motivation and a weariness and aches in every part of my body...unbearable aches. Den did everything this week end...he cleaned the entire house until it gleamed...he did all of my laundry...he folds everything so beautifully...all I have to do is put it away...and he provided a strong shoulder for me to cry on. That's my Den. Today I feel more normal! Whew!

Have a great day!






Monday, March 13, 2017

Oh No!

I think the entire East Coast is prepping for a mighty snowstorm! Den ran to the store this morning for a few things...shelves were already bare! Luckily we tend to buy organics so what was out in non organic stuff was still available in organic but I am sure that will soon be gone, too. Den has his list ready...pulling out the generator, getting out the snow blower...he even has his snow clothes ready! Yikes! Once all of that is done we will settle in and wait. Roxie is sleeping under a if she knows a big huge storm is coming! Right now the sun is out and it's the proverbial "calm before the storm".

Over the weekend I read this...really really good writing and a unique story.


Now I am reading this...and truly loving it from its opening pages.

A few new books...from Edelweiss...

From Amazon...

"From the bestselling author of The Sisters comes this twisty, haunting thriller about two best friends, corrosive jealousy, and dark secrets—perfect for fans of The Widow and Luckiest Girl Alive."

From Edelweiss...
From Amazon...

“Unger plots an intricate story with plenty of action and a brisk pace…absorbing…All twisty and turny and the things this genre should be.” —Kirkus Reviews

From Edelweiss...
From Amazon...
Praise for The Goldfish Boy

"Thompson strikes the perfect balance, seemingly without compromise, between an issue-driven novel and one with broad, commercial appeal. This empathetic debut is a middle-grade whodunit with a very special heart." -- Kirkus Reviews

From NetGalley...
From Amazon...I read a teensy bit of this one and can't wait to get to it!

“Catnip for readers attached to Boston, believably strongwomen, legal intrigue, or any combination of the above.” Kirkus Reviews

From NetGalley...
From Amazon...
In this relentlessly paced novel of psychological suspense, New York Times bestselling author Michelle Richmond crafts an intense and shocking tale that asks: How far would you go to protect your marriage?

Whew! That is one chunk of intense reading! I hope we have power!

If not...the four of us will be snuggled under massive quilts in our room until Wednesday! But we will have sandwiches! And pretzels! And sour lips!