Thursday, February 23, 2017

Books And Milk That Is Golden!

Golden Milk!

What I am learning about Golden Milk is that for the three days we have been using it...Den is our "Golden Milk Maker"...I have slept incredibly soundly. There are tons of recipes for it on the web but they are all pretty much the same. This is the recipe we used...

Den makes it in the afternoon...enough for two days and we microwave it at night and drink it...then brush our teeth yet one more time and we are done!

Tomorrow...when we need a new batch...we are going to try a different recipe. I also found a recipe for a Golden Milk Latte...using coffee...making this in the afternoon sounds interesting. It's all about the turmeric for me...that's the key ingredient. I don't think it even has a's all of the other gingery spices that make it taste so yummy.


Finished this...I thought it was a beautiful book. Divorce and siblings and dueling parents and an event that forever changes everyone.

What I am reading...and loving! And not just because there is a sweet kitten in this's one of those books that is so special and addictive from the very first pages...

Books I want right now! But don't have...yet! Right now...for's the covers of these three books!

Off to start my day!





  1. I tried many of the turmeric milk variations and it did nothing for me. It's supposed to be good for inflammation.

    1. I know. And a cancer preventative. That's the turmeric.

  2. I love anything with coconut in it, so I'm in!

    The Whole Thing Together looks good! Enjoy your day.

  3. I've been using tumeric since September for my arthritic knees. It seems to have made a huge difference. I could barely bend them or walk up and down steps before. I've encouraged my husband and sister-in-law to take it too. I'll have to try this milk and pass on the recipe.Thanks, Pattycake!

  4. Sounds good. Send me the chai recipe, too! I hope it helps you!

  5. Just pinned the recipe and added coconut milk to my grocery list!

    1. I had another friend tell me it totally relieved the pain in her knees!