Friday, January 6, 2017

What A Day!

All we basically did today was change duvet covers and watch TV. I think Den sneezed about 1,000 times. He is miserable. I think everyone on the East Coast is miserable. Even our doctor is sick. Den has a prescription but it probably won't do any good. He hasn't even filled it. Our doctor said to eat oranges and drink orange juice. Den peeled and ate a bowl full of citrus.

Roxie is enjoying the new duvet cover. She thinks we bought it for her.
Lucy kind of likes the new duvet, too. They have abandoned their beds for ours.


I think I am abandoning this one...I just don't like it.

Up next?

No clue...I think I want to not read tonight and think about my choice later! Probably back to this one...


We are supposed to have snow all night long! Lots of football this weekend and I need to make The Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Soup tomorrow. It just might save Den.

Have a great week end!





  1. We're supposed to get snow tonight too, but they keep changing the prediction of how much and when. I hope Den feels better soon!!

  2. Awww. Rest up, both of you. Have a lazy weekend in PJ's and in bed.

  3. I hope Den feels better! Getting lots of rest should help you both. Sounds like you have a very cozy duvet cover. :) Enjoy and healing thoughts.

  4. New bedding always makes me feel so comfy and cozy. Hope Den feels better soon, and that you find a book to really curl up and read.

  5. Poor Den. Yes, the soup will cure him! Hope you find a good book!

  6. Hope Den is feeling better today. Soup is the best medicine :)