Friday, December 2, 2016

Counting Down The Days...

Getting an antibiotic through a pick line three times a day is not fun. I am trying to live in the moment and go with the antibiotic flow. But I hate it and if it has to last longer...I am not sure what I will do.

I am a truly pitiful person right now...I cry, I wail, I think too much...I need to take one day at a time and live in the moment. I will but I just need a few days!

Books...they still make me happy! It's good...this odd book...I like it!

This one should be good, too...

And this one...

So...I am off to watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives...and read, too!




Thursday, December 1, 2016


I was so excited to start reading this book last night. It has everything I love in a book. However...once I read the first page I realized I read it already! Apparently my expert book tracking system didn't work. But...I must have read it a long time ago because the copies I have...2 of them...were sent not too long ago. So I must have read a document...sigh...I hate when this happens!


Anyway...I am going to try this one...I have had it for a while so we will see what happens with I know for sure I didn't read this one...yet!

Off to read and watch TV...with my little friend!





Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Books,Thoughts, Adventures?

Well...the books are ever's always about deciding what to read next...thoughts...I probably have way too many of them and I need to start focusing on one day at a time. I have to admit here that I am a little down. I think it's because of the antibiotics...every single day at 6AM, NOON, and 10PM...for two weeks. The last one will hopefully be next Tuesday. I should not be complaining because it's Den who bears the brunt of giving them to me...through something called a pick line? It's just that I see more and more of my life being removed from me. I know this is short term but it is really difficult to deal with.

I had such a great talk with my primary doctor yesterday...he helped me see things in perspective and I am going to start some antidepressants to help me get through some of this. Everyone agrees my path hasn't been that easy. I cry far too much, I am sad, I thought I could be ok staying at home and dealing with this but it's not working the way I thought it would. My plan is a bust...I should have let family come but now it's too late. I thought I would be stronger...I thought I would keep my humor...I thought I would stay more like myself. But it's not happening. I am positive yet sad. My trusted fantasy books and the food channel are not helping me the way I thought they would.

I pray, I hope, I wish and yet I am still sad.

Book rundown...

Finished this but it was far from entertaining...

Starting this and so far it's enchanting...

I do have someone special to watch over me...


I am ok...I willl be ok...




Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Just finished this...did not love it...perhaps these need to be read in the summer only. Plus this one wasn't very Nantucket Beachy. More dysfunctional and irritating...

Reading this and entertaining...New Yorkers trying to find an apartment in the city that is big and affordable because one half of them is fighting a move to the suburbs.

I am so tired today...I can't think of anything except that I am tired!

I read everyone's blogs today but I didn't have the energy to comment! I am so sorry. But you are all clever and brilliant and charming and funny and I think once I am done with this three times a day antibiotic...I will feel better! I am holding on until then! My poor sweet Den...he is the one who has to inject it three times a day...he doesn't complain...he learned how and he will get us through this!