Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Am Ready!

I am totally ready for tomorrow's game.

I have toys!

Puzzles on my iPads.

I am planning on watching Ant Man...
I might rewatch Downton Abbey.
I have Hidden Object games loaded on my laptop.
I will color.
Of course I will read a little.

I may teach myself to knit.

I might try sudoko again.

I think I will get around to ordering the bike we want!



I will have a very busy day!

The girls remain a tad worried about the noise level. But they, too, have an escape plan!

Oh...I will feed Den, too!

Happy Saturday!




Friday, February 5, 2016

Lovely Big Flakes Of Snow...

It's beautiful outside...the old snow has melted and a fresh new snow has begun. It supposed to be "just a light dusting" which is perfect for today.

Den came home safe and sound...last night the kitties were alternately scolding him and snuggling with him. Lucy wanted "brushies" and Roxie wanted to be chased. It's what they use him for...heeheehee! Once they got their fill...they rested for a bit...gathering energy for Round 2!

I just now finished this was really absorbing and yet so sad. Beth and her daughter Carmel live on their own...after Beth's divorce from Carmel's father. Carmel is 8...quirky and funny and exceptionally unique...she's cute and pretty and smart. She can be sort of spaced out at times so Beth always has this fear of losing a an event...whatever. a Bookish Festival in their town...that exact nightmare occurs...Carmel's hand slips out of Beth's and Carmel is gone...she simply disappears. The uniqueness of this book is that it's told from Beth's view and Carmel's view. It's so good yet so heartbreakingly sad but...and the but is all I can allude to...lips are zipped. I kind of loved this book. I totally loved Carmel!
Reading this...I read The Kitchen House years ago...loved it...I made Den read it and he loved it, too. I have high expectations for this one and no opinion at all about it yet. I can be pretty powerful when I want someone/Den to read a book. I forced/suggested/encouraged Den to read Twain's End...he loved it. Now he is reading Flight Of Dreams and I expect him to read Glory, too. The only problem is that we can't discuss books because he doesn't read them fast enough and he won't let me tell him anything about them while he is reading. Phooey!
The Super Bowl is fast approaching! Roxie and Lucy and I are preparing for Den's antics! There will be pacing and cheering and yelling! Fist bumping? Fist pumping? The wearing of the lucky Bronco socks? Hearing someone yell "Omaha" 1,000 times but it always means something different. The beloved old school Bronco ski hat on my Maine Santa! He's been wearing it all week! The annual photo with Lucy and Roxie in their Bronco orange hoodies. The frantic departure of both kitties with Den's first scream/cheer/wail! I purposely do not have Super Bowl parties...our Super Bowls are best with just us. Den enters his special Bronco Zone and it's best to let him stay there...I feed him and provide soothing comments. Way to go Peyton! not ref needs glasses...heeheehee!
Hmmm...what else...oh...there will be moans and groans and tears...and not from the players! There will be lots of..."Did you see that Hail Mary, zone blitz or shot gun?" I rarely actually look at the screen unless it's a commercial...I am reading...I just say "uhhuh" to everything. It works for me.
I am think of making these natchos!
They are called 50 Ingredient Natchos from Epicurious.
Not really...but this photo is freaking amaze balls!
The timing of our Super Bowl food imbibing is Den gets to choose what we eat and when we eat it.
Ok...I am off to read my book and think about dinner.
I will be checking in over the week end!



Thursday, February 4, 2016

So Here's The Thing...

Den is finally on his way home...he left here early Monday morning and will be home this afternoon. He was in Iowa while the caucus was raging...he drove through Minnesota while a blizzard was raging and he is going in to the office tomorrow where I don't think anything is raging. I have cleaned, done laundry, read, walked up our long driveway to get mail and trash in the freezing rain every day...colored, organized, cleaned out the freezer, read, played with kitties, binge watched TV...and read.

I am still thinking about this book...there is a website of Hindenburg passengers run by a man called Patrick Russell...the author mentions his work in the back of her book. It was totally fascinating to see actual photos of the real people compared to how I had pictured them in my head. And I somehow thought that Emilie The Stewardess was a fictionalized character but she was real, too! If you read this book you have to check out Patrick Russell's site. The chef, the cabin boy, the rich American Margaret Mather...and even Emilie and Max were not how I pictured them.

Reading this...this book is harsh and sad and tragic...Cece is broken. Her family is broken...her brother's soccer career, injury and his resulting pain killer addiction has ruined everything in her life. Everyone has been at the mercy of her brother until Cece takes matters into her own hands.

Up next...a newly single mom...her missing 8 year old daughter...the story is told by both of's all about what happens when the thing you fear the most actually happens...

That's it for me!



Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This book...has been addictive...seriously...I knew very little about this ill fated trip of the Hindenburg...and now I am googling everyone on the Blimp/Zeppelin. This book was so good! Let's see...what words can I use...let's go for intense, thrilling, factual, and heartbreakingly sad!

Up next...a new YA...
Dinner...I am hungry for a salad sandwich...heavy on the lettuce! From Bon Appetit!
Or this one?
This day has been foggy, windy, rainy, and cold! I got soaked and chilled getting the mail!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


It's February! Den always buys me a beautiful hang up's one of my stocking stuffer gifts. I always look forward to it. It's always fun and colorful...filled with pretty kitties or cute puppies or whimsical thoughts...or restful lakes or peaceful beaches or amazing foods...but this year...he bought me a calendar that needs to be's black and white and empty...sigh! I try to color some of it in before the next month goes up but it's an impossible task...seriously! I miss whimsy, kittens and angry cats! Even a Hello Kitty would be better than a black and white coloring book...sigh! Plus I thought that the red shapes were hearts? So...I colored them red...but now I realize that they are leaves and I have to stare at them for 26 more days!

Finished this... This was historical fiction starring the lovely spicy clever Jane was good! Really good!
Reading this...yep...historical fiction about the Hindenburg and its only female attendant...lots of secrets, plots and lies...
This is what broke my January clothes buying fast...from Sole Society...a wrap...
I have lately developed a fondness for "cardis"...I love tossing them on over short sleeved or sleeveless tees...
Some of my faves...from Bobeau...but you can get them at Nordstrom's...on sale! These are soft and comfy!
I love this jacket from Garnet Hill. I love that flyaway cut!
I love this toss on dress from Free People.
I love this oversized v-neck from Free People...on sale at Nordstrom's too!
Notice I am not really saying if I bought these...except for the Navajo Wrap...I think I just need to saturate myself in these photos for a bit... to have some lunch and read!
Have a good one!



Monday, February 1, 2016

Books...And Stuff...

When I read...which is most of the time...I love having a big old stack of books at doesn't matter to me if that stack is real or me they are all books..yummy exciting mind blowing books! I think I read a lot because I can read the car, while TV is on...virtually anywhere. I think that's why I can fit in some adult coloring, too...pencils are always out on a table in the sunroom...and when I stop doing something...or I am waiting for pasta water to boil...I color something. Plus I am such a random colorer...I might color parts of 8 different pages using just fuschia. Eventually a page actually gets filled in! Sort of!

I just finished was really really exceptional.


Now I am reading this...Tess...a childless woman...a failure at fertility treatments and adoptions...discovers that her husband is being unfaithful. While visiting friends in Vermont she sees a tiny little girl alone at the edge of a night. The little girl is wearing a tutu and very distinctive Wellies. She seems lost, hurt, fragile and before Tess can do anything the little girl runs into the woods. Tess tries to get help but no one has reported a missing child. There are massive searches but...after a few one believes Tess. What does Tess do now?
I am kind of on a schedule this week...I should read these...both are mysteries...
Then I have about 15 days to work on these...a Hindenburg fantasy...
A tense YA book...a family tragedy...
A sort of sequel to The Kitchen House...perhaps more of an ongoing story...
From Amazon...
"Zentner combines the melancholy of being 17 with the melancholy present in the best of Southern fiction and gives us a novel that will fill the infinite space that was left in your chest after you finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower." -- BookRiot

I do not read Nicholas Sparks books but I am totally pulled in by the trailer for this movie...there are even puppies in it! And lake houses! And steamy nights! I think I either need to grab a gal pal or just go by myself with a stack of tissues!
Den and I think we are getting boring. We did nothing interesting this weekend...we weren't even in the mood for lunch or dinner out. We watched The Avengers...Age Of Ultron...and so did Lucy! On top of a pile of warm towels!
Sigh! Have a great day!