Thursday, December 29, 2016

Buzz Books! Life! More Books!

Buzz Books...
I love them and want to acquire and read every new book in them! And now NetGalley is publishing them monthly! This year I learned that you can't spend your entire life reading! That is a valuable lesson for me and I enjoy reading in a different way now...a calmer less frenetic way. Being sick has taught me so much...not that I want to have what I have but I am learning so much from it. I actually sit and watch movies and sports and even the food channel with Den...and we talk...we have always talked but it's different without a book always open in front of me. It's actually nicer. I listen more. I am not always tuned on to rapid read.

With all that written...I still can't wait to browse through this Buzz Book and all of the next ones!


I had Wegman's ( Weggieman's ) Carrot Cake for dinner last was so delicious. Den had Wegman's White Coconut Cake for dinner which he said tasted like the best wedding cake ever. Cake for dinner is a great idea...every once in a while. I wish we were having it again tonight.


I am not enjoying this book. It's rough and hard and mean and the word "shite" is used far too many times. I remember loving the first book this author wrote but I don't think I have read any after that. This book is really popular...I see it on tons of best seller lists but I just do not like it...that makes me sad. I am determined to finished it and that will be soon.

I think I am ready for something lighter...perhaps more funny? Either this...

Or this...

But knowing myself I will probably choose something totally different...sigh!

A relative sent us a picture of our first Christmas in our first house in Denver...not our first Christmas but our first one in Denver. I loved that sweater! I made all of those ornaments and still have them. And I still have my Christmas dishes, too. Our first house was a condo on a golf course and golf balls came through that window at least once a month!





  1. I love the idea of eating cake for dinner! Or pie. Sometimes it has to be done.

    I like how you are changing your perspective...and that is a great photo of your First Christmas in Denver.

    1.'s always good to change perspective!

  2. What a great pic. How fun to have cake for dinner!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have those Christmas dishes too! I love your tree and your ornaments.

    1. Too funny! That was only the second tree we ever had...we were married at that time for two years! We were babies!

  4. I am really happy to see you having fun. Happy New Year!

  5. Yes, you need a light, fun read when you finish the "shite" book, haha.
    I've only had coconut cake once - it was good but I think Den's was probably better.
    My mom has those Christmas mugs. The golfball story made me LOL.
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Den loved his cake but he loved my carrot cake more!