Thursday, November 17, 2016

What To Read Next?

I think I will start this one...I had a lot of false starts this week end and couldn't focus on one book...until this one...and I am not really focusing on this one yet although I just finished the first few chapters and I will stick with it.

Today is also a day when Den wants to work on the basement...I am not in the mood for that either but he has hired a trash company who will totally carry every piece of trash out of the basement. You could not find two people more excited about this!

I feel as though I have lost a few days! I had a fever over the week end and I think I slept all day long on Saturday...maybe even Sunday...whew!

Den and I have become addicted to Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and although we didn't realize this about each other...we are BINGE WATCHERS!

This is scary!

I am also watching a British Show on Netflix called The Bletchley is soooo's like reading a really great English novel. It's based on the lives of four women who were decoding stuff for the government...stuff that had to do with Hitler but now it's 8 years later and they are married or mothers or not married and not mothers but all of them are kind of restless. Again...kind of like grown up Nancy Drews...but done in that amazing British style and filled with danger. They interconnect so I watched the first four...I am prepping myself to watch the fifth one because one of the four meets the killer face to face...yikes!

Ok...l finally feel like me again! But I am tired...I was able to get a manicure and a pedicure today from my good friend My...we hug we cry she makes my toes and hands pretty. It's so relaxing but when I come home I am exhausted...I still can't get past the exhaustion, how cold I always am and my sad sad hair...I will never be able to fully talk to you about that...I am so probably think that's the bad thing about me...and it is...I am trying to prevent the fever that might come tomorrow...if I get a fever tomorrow I go to the office 5 minutes away...if I get it on's the ER! I am already freaking out!

I have been writing this post since last Friday!






  1. I'm sorry you're so cold and I understand about the hair thing. It's okay. Sorry you got a fever! That's no fun. And you've been trying to be so careful. Take it easy and indulge your whimsy. You deserve it. And you and Den will feel SO good and cleansed after that garage collection collection.

  2. I am glad you have love, support, and healthy distractions. Every treatment is one less to do. You need a pretty journal to tell your secret emotions to, and countdown calendar to celebrate on. ❤☺

  3. Oh, I wondered if you had a fever when you mentioned a few days ago how cold you were. Sending good thoughts to you!

    I love British shows, and I have The Bletchley Circle on my Netflix queue...need to watch it!

    I also added something today called Paranoid.

    I am definitely a binge-watcher. lol.

    Take care!

  4. The Bletchley Circle is in my Netflix queue... guess I need to move it up! The Crown has gotten some rave reviews. Have you tried that one? Hoping you're doing well today, with no fevers. Hugs.

    1. Love the Bletchley Circle! Crown is in my queue! FEVER raging...I am either having chills or too hot!