Friday, April 15, 2016

My Life Lately...

We are either waiting for the tree guy or the mulch guy or the stucco check up guy...Den is dangerous when left to his own devices. I don't understand why he feels that there is always something that needs to be looked at, attended, monitored. He is now obsessed with painting...and that will truly take me over the edge. He has also been muttering about the deck...we can't put deck furniture out until the deck is washed and stained. With all of these lists and check ups we are still working on the basement, the garage and the downstairs closets. I knew that this would was inevitable...we have to go back to Charlottesville and revisit everything we looked at...on our own. We also want to drive to a few beach towns about two hours away from us. Could the answer to our restlessness be a condo or townhome near the beach? Some place where the four of us can go all year long at random times just to sit and read and be "beachy"? Keep our big house for a while and beach it when we want to? Live at the beach while this house is on the market?

We don't know!

And the not knowing is freaking us out! It's not as though we haven't moved before but those were company moves, career moves, funded moves!

This is all on us and we need to be right!

We need to make the right choice! We have looked at Nashville, Charleston, Lewes Beach, Asheville, Denver, Portland, Maine, even Pittsburgh and now Charlottesville. What on earth do we do?

I know...I have heard all of this before!

The only thing we know for sure is that we are not staying here.

We are in a very confused state of mind.

But we are really ready to leave here. It might be lovely. We might even miss certain things about this place. But we don't want to live here any more.

Figuring out how to do this is really difficult. Keep condo at the beach? Sell house buy two condos in two really different places?

Buy a big RV...pack up the kitties and see the world?

No clue!

Sorry for my rant!


Reading this because it is taking my mind off of things!

It's really good!

From Amazon...


"The honesty of Wolf Hollow will just about shred your heart, but Annabelle’s courage and compassion will restore it to you, fuller than before. This book matters.” —Sara Pennypacker, New York Times bestselling author of Pax...


Have a lovely weekend!





  1. Big decisions! I hope an answer (or two) becomes clear soon. Have a good weekend.

  2. What a decision to make. Maybe a pros and cons list will help you see how these moves would affect you for the most part?

  3. I hope that you find just the right place. I could go for a fishing cabin in the woods of the UP, near Lake Superior.

  4. We've made long-distance moves several times. Every place, though different, had its pros and cons. There is always something to love.

    I know from reading past posts that you love the shore; if you can swing it, get a beachside condo. Good luck with whatever decision you make!

    by the way: we used to live in Maine, and Portland, ME is a wonderful town, but cold!! So you might want to take many beachy vacations if you go there :)

    1. We try to listen to every tip we get about this decision!

  5. It's that time of year - we have to get the yard guys out here again and we're working on getting a painter to give us bids.

    No to the RV, maybe to 2 condos.

  6. I'd love to live ON the beach. However, I don't see much benefit in living NEAR the beach. You get high prices and you find you don't enjoy it nearly as much as you think you will, from what I've heard from people who live a mile or so from the beach. Maybe if you could cross the street and be on the beach... But when I look at beachfront property it's way expensive for something that is right there, where you can stare out at the waves all day. And the gulf side if the Florida beaches look like lakes to me. I live in an area of Nashville that is on the it'd be cheaper for us to just buy a lake home.

  7. Oh, the angst of it all! I hope clarity comes to you soon...

    I didn't see California anywhere on that list...LOL.

    1. Forgot about's funny to think that at one time we were both living there at the same time...

  8. Oh Patty, I can relate to all of this right now... many of the same options are on the table for us, too. Just not sure how much longer my husband will keep working. Good luck with your decision-making!