Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Totally "Bowled" Over...

I happened upon an article in the New York Post the other day about a trend...eating everything out of a bowl. Here are some "bowlful" ideas...

This is the outline for power bowls.

It just so happens that I love bowls and after looking in my cupboards I have tons of them. Now I need to spend a morning shopping for bowl foods. And then I need to spend an afternoon roasting and chopping and cooking and prepping all of the bowl foods. And then by Friday afternoon we can actually eat a power bowl filled with food.

Who's with me? Aw...come on...we can do this! Tomorrow my foodie topic will be bone broths! I bet you can't wait!


New ones that I cannot wait to dive into!

Off to finish this...a family consisting of one older brother and two and a half sisters...a talking cat...Pithfwid...killer dust bunnies...a truth stealer...and I can't forget the harridan. I know you must be wondering how I can read this stuff...but...this book is funny, scary, magical and totally fetching! It's labeled a "children's" book but I swear I saw the word quiescent in this book somewhere! And other words like apparition and subterranean. Are there 9 year olds out there who use these words? Hmmm...it really sort of slides over into a middle grade/adult area. But...that's just me!
Ok...off to quiescently read my book! Did I use that word correctly?





  1. I have a thing for bowls (well dishes, really) too but when I had my coloring party I noticed most of my bowls are big - I need more smaller bowls. lol

  2. I actually love to eat out of bowls. Not sure I am eating power bowl meals, but I find it is much neater than eating on a plate. :) Good luck preparing your bowl food!

  3. I love bowls...I think it is more efficient to eat salads that way....

    I love the look of Domestic Secrets...going to check it out!

  4. Bowls are big here in So Cal. Lots of Acai bowls with fresh fruit, avocados, raw seeds and the like. There is a Mediterranean place by my work that lets you pick your bowl ingredients like the diagram you shared above. I haven't been there yet because I worry so much about cross contamination but the people eating them always look happy.

    1. The cross contamination thing would bother me. I am not a huge fan of salad bars.

  5. Those bowl meals look good. The concept reminds me of the Buddha bowls I've pinned. We've been eating more healthy here. Had to look up two of your intended reads. Added them too.

  6. I bought some great bowls at Costco a couple of years ago. They double as serving pieces and individual pasta bowls. Love 'em.
    The cover of Domestic Secrets has me heading to Goodreads to check it out.

    1. I live bowls..especially big white ones!

  7. Neat bowls!! I wrote one down-(one with the egg_thank you) and you got some great looking books there!!