Monday, January 11, 2016

Bowls And Books...

I think I am a fan of bowl food...which is a far cry from the compartmentalized food of my youth where nothing could touch...ever.

Take these delightful one bowl salads from Smitten Kitchen. Be aware that the link only goes to one salad. I am not sure why.

Perusing this one...a quest, a fantasy, a little bit of science fiction?
Starting this one...
Itching to start this one...all in good time!
That's all I have on this busy Monday. Today was my day to do every chore!
I am ready for a Cara Cara orange...yum...some strawberries...and The Bachelor!





  1. OHH Cara Cara's are out at our Trader Joes. Got some yesterday ;)

  2. When I read your title, I thought you were talking about football bowl games. We'll be watching the national championship game tonight.

    I love bowl food and bowls. I have a thing for dishes.

  3. Funny. If I eat my food on a plate I often will separate food but I love bowls these days!! Yogurt or smoothie bowls with lots of seeds and unsweetened coconut and sometimes even avocado!

  4. How do you eat the blood red oranges? Just scoop it out? I remember peeling those are difficult. I like the Reign of Shadows's cover. I'm a sucker for a cover.

    1. Stephanie...Cara Cara oranges are not the blood red ones...and they peel really easily.