Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cigarettes! Champagne! Caviar!

This book...this's not a fast paced electric reading experience but it is totally absorbing! This author does this kind of writing so well. Her research is amazing. of the central characters is Babe Paley...close friend and bestie to Truman Capote. He would lunch with Babe and his other "Swans" and get them to divulge stuff...about themselves and others. He would promise not to tell! Do you think he kept his word?

Truman and Babe...I found these photos through Wikipedia...I spent an hour looking at the was fascinating! Truman is always described as wearing a long scarf wrapped around him.
This photo is from The Red List.
Bill, Babe and Truman...from the New York Social Diary. At of their summer homes.
Some of Truman's "Swans" from What Goes Around Comes Around.
Babe's NYC apartment from the WSJ.
Babe was known for her iconic fashion. She bought entire collections from Valenciaga and other designers. She was the first woman to mix expensive jewels with costume ones. She was the first woman to tie a scarf to her clutch bag. She was perfect in every way everywhere...but she had secrets!
Note the clutch!
Babe married a devout womanizer...William Paley...the head of Columbia Broadcasting System...they had week end houses and an apartment in NYC. He was Jeweish and they were denied memberships to every club around. Their week end home...Kiluna...was a getaway for those old movie stars...Lucille Ball, William Powell, Clark Gable...among others...Ernest Hemingway, too. One of Babe's sisters married a Roosevelt. I keep checking stuff in the book with Wikipedia and the facts are fascinating.
Can you guess what Babe died from?
That's my obsession today.
My babies...
yesterday they seemed under the weather ...we can't tell if they are sick or just loving their heated beds. Watching them closely today before we haul them to the vet...sigh! They are eating and they seem normal but just quiet. Today they are bouncier and peppier but I am still watching them.
Back to my book...




  1. That book does sound fascinating. She sounds like a fashion plate, except for the mixing jewelry stuff which I'm highly opposed to. Since you mentioned cigarettes, I'm going to guess she died from lung cancer.

    1. I knew you would hate the jewelry mixing! Yes...she did...she was 63.

  2. Capote is so interesting to read about.

  3. Wow, amazing photos...and titillating secrets to tell. Thanks for sharing....I must have this book now! Did you get it on Vine? I didn't see it there.

    1. I got it from Vine but it's no longer there!

  4. Ooh! Your book does sound fascinating. I loved seeing the pictures and learning more about the people who star in the book. I am guessing she died from cancer.

    1. She didn't have a chance with all that smoking!