Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm Back! With Books!

Seriously...what I love best about my blog free weekends is how exciting it is for me to blog on Monday! It's just a nice refreshing break for me! Most likely for you, too! Heeheehee!

What I read over the week end...especially the Style Section...

Read this during the Eagles' game...this book was sweet and lovely!
Finished good but really graphic stuff that kind of surprised me!
Some new books...
What I hope to read this week...
The book I want and just can't get!!! So frustrated!
Read and loved this why can't I get the other not fair...sigh...
That's my book filled Monday!




  1. Yay! You got The Marvels - I love Selznick's work.

  2. I like Amy Hatvany. I will have to look for that one. "Pretty is" looks intriguing, too.
    I am hoping to get a routine going, too. This has been a weird year!

    1. kind of have your hands full right now!

  3. I love Brian Selznick's books and can't wait to read his latest one. All of the covers are lovely in their own way. :) Happy reading! Glad you are enjoying your blog free weekends. :)

  4. Ah, The New York Times! Bliss....I used to love reading the SF Chronicle when I lived there...and the LA Times when I visit my second son.

    I am almost finished with Pretty Girls, and yes, definitely pretty graphic!

  5. I read Pretty Is and I really, really didn't like that one!
    I hope you'll enjoy books you got yourself! :)