Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Stuff!

I love Wednesdays! They are so midweek! If it's a good week...there are still days and days left in the week to do even more fun stuff! I had a myriad array of chores...which are all done...sort of...I had a cookie for lunch...those oatmeal cookies are seriously good! Can something be crispy yet chewy all at the same time? These are!

I really want to try this monthly subscription...$10.00 a month!

I love these bracelets from Chan Luu...
A salad sandwich from Bonappetit! Dinner tomorrow!
Dresses my style from Ilana Kohn! Love these!
This is on tonight! Will you be watching? Lol!
Books...reading this...
And this on my Kindle...
That's what's on my mind today!




  1. I wonder if they have monthly jewelry subscription boxes.

  2. I will wait to watch Sharknado 3 with Bill. ☺

  3. Oh, everything looks so tempting! Thanks for sharing...and enjoy the rest of your week.

  4.'ve got so many goodies on display. I've been intrigued by Birchbox myself. I have so many lotions and potions, I could open my own pharmacy though! *sigh*

    1. I think I like this because they are sample least some of them are!

  5. My daughter wants me to do Birchbox with her but I know she will steal everything out of that box. I know it.
    I recorded Sharknado just because. Everyone needs a laugh.