Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday's Trivia?

I just now finished this...a little predictable...but good...I might need a break from beachy summer books...maybe just a short break from them...I think that I know the name of every shop, restaurant and farm market on Nantucket.

Making these for dinner tomorrow...beef, black bean and spinach tostadas from Barefoot In The Kitchen...
Or maybe this from Pip And Ebby...a taco skillet?
Reading this...
And then this...Bread Alone was the first book that I read by this author...I loved it...I think I even re read it and that is something I rarely/never do.
I am just a tad afraid of the weather today...another forecast of severe damaging winds and a TORNADO WARNING!
I am prepared to grab the girls...head to the basement and be without power!
Happy Thursday!




  1. Replies
    1. I know and they crisp up in the oven!

  2. That taco skillet looks so yummy!

    1. Oh, yum! I just pinned that recipe for beef, black bean and spinach tostadas.

  3. Stay safe! The storms are just constant this year!

  4. I love Tostadas...had dinner last night at my daughter's, along with my son and DIL; we had tacos and Margaritas...Yum.

    Hope you avoid the storm....

    1. It was dark windy and there was crazy lightning...for 20 minutes...but now there is peace and electricity in my little world!