Tuesday, July 14, 2015


OMG...I am so tired! We left NYC at 7:17 this morning...after a total of 9 cab rides! So...from Sunday afternoon to early Tuesday morning we were in and out of cabs 9 times! The train coming home was not a fast Acela and I could read and not feel nauseous...it was clean and lovely...we ate an awesome bagel and drank juice and by 9 this morning we were home...getting scolded by the kitties for daring to leave them for barely 2 days!

I have barely read a book since Saturday...I hate when that happens...I have read bits of this book...I woke up wired at 1:58 early this morning and read for awhile to fall asleep. This is a fun light breezy book that I am really enjoying.

I have tried to keep up with blogs but these few days in NYC knocked the wind out of me...
I will be more diligent tomorrow!
Have an awesome Tuesday evening!
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  1. It doesn't seem right that you need a vacation after a vacation, does it?! lol

  2. I know what you mean...I have been reading bits of the same book for several days! A Window Opens is on my list.

  3. Why did you visit NYC? Doesn't sound like it was an ideal trip. I know it has loads of stuff to see and do but it's a little too stressful for me, I think.